Nov 8, 2006

Photo Plus East New York 2006

Photo Plus East was held again this year at the Javits Center in New York from the 2nd-4th of November. Several members of the Pixel Genius team plus friends were there to take part in the various seminars and events. Here is a summary of what took place, in particular the Adobe Booth seminar sessions, where demos of Lightroom Beta 5 were shown for the first time in public. To find out more about what happened, read on…

Here is a self-portrait photograph taken of myself in Times Square, near the hotel where I was staying. The weather in New York that week was amazing. There was sunshine every day, but it got considerably colder by the last day.

The Javits Center is located at 655 West 34th Street and has several huge event halls. Most of the visitors were here for the Photo Plus show, although a New York Marathon show was running alongside at the same time.


John Paul Caponigro was busy getting prepared for the first sessions at the Adobe booth on Lightroom printing (with a little ‘help’ from Jeff Schewe).


Jeff was up next to present his session on the Develop module and printing in Lightroom.


By this time, quite a crowd had gathered around the Adobe lecture booth to hear Jeff speak.


Jeff got special permission to demo using Beta 5 of Lightroom. Here is a screenshot of the Library module. Although you can just about see it in this picture, the Shoots panel has been replaced with a Folders panel. Image imports are therefore now much easier to understand and manage. The Folders panel is more like navigating images via a folder hierarchy as you would with a browser program. Plus the Quick Develop panels have a tabbed layout offering more settings. In the bottom right corner are the color labels buttons. Not shown here are the date sort filtering or the new spotting and redeye tools. Jeff did try demoing this in Beta 5 once, but the program crashed (motto: if it hurts, don’t do that).


Jeff invited a member of the audience to come up close to witness the new changes to the zoom controls. Zoom can go from 1:4 to 8:1. And not only that, this version even goes to 11, with an 11:1 zoom (it’s an engineers joke reference to the movie Spinal Tap).


And here is a screenshot of the Print module. Notice the more logical print button layout, offering: Page Setup, Print Settings and finally, Print…


Mikkel Aaland then presented a session about the Adobe Lightroom Iceland adventure.


Meanwhile, Greg Gorman was busy on the Canon stand talking about his photography work. In particular how he shoots digitally with the Canon EOS 1Ds Mk II.


Seth Resnick was up later at the Adobe booth, outlining his workflow approach to working with Lightroom and Photoshop.



I was on after Seth, demoing a few extracts from my forthcoming book: The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom book (Adobe Press), showing some of the advanced things you can do using both Lightroom and Photoshop. For the first part of my talk I demonstrated how to shoot in tethered mode with a Canon camera and Lightroom. Here’s Jeff again, interrupting my session.


John Nack (Adobe Photoshop product manager) takes a break away from the stand to relax.


Afterwards we were invited to a press party hosted by Adobe for a chance to socialize and get a glimpse of some new technologies that may appear in later versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.


John Loiacono, Vice president of Adobe (AKA: Johnny L) gave everyone a welcoming speech, while John Nack made sure we were all paying attention.


Then on to Jovia restaurant on East 62nd Street for the annual Pixel Mafia party. Last year, my wife and I had just gotten married in New York. This time, Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer were about to do the same a week later in the Carribean.


Unfortunately, Bruce Fraser was unable to attend due to health problems. Daniel Brown of Adobe got up to read out a lymeric composed especially to toast Bruce in his absence.


Here is a shot of Seth again with Greg Gorman.


Back at the show the next day, I did take time to look around at the stands to check out what was going on elsewhere. There were a few novelty items that caught my interest such as these Gorillapods by Joby.


I also noticed the Camera Armor coverings from Omega Satter. Another new item that caught my eye was the Monster Pod. This is a camera support for lightweight digital cameras that comes in the form of a large pad with a silica base that can attach like glue to rough surfaces such as a rock or a tree.


And finally, the PDN party held each year near the Javits Center.


They usually have some kind of Halloween type theme for the PDN party.


This year, friendly aliens invaded…



As you can see, it was a busy event.


John Paul Caponigro enjoying a beer.


Lots of food was on offer: sweet,




and meaty!


Well, that was it for this year. Compared to previous shows, this one was as busy and successful as ever with good attendance for each of the three days. Photo Plus East will be back again, the same time next year. For more information, visit the Photo Plus East website.

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