Nov 6, 2006

Adobe Releases ACE CMM

Adobe has publically announced a prerelease of the Adobe Color Engine (ACE) as a stand alone library that can be used by non-Adobe applications.

ACE is built into Adobe products and therefore couldn’t be used by non-Adobe products. This project takes a chunk of ACE (the color conversion engine) and packages it for use by applications that support external color management modules using ColorSync on the Mac OS and ICM2/WCS on Windows.

The CMM can be used by applications that support selection of third-party CMMs. It can also be integrated into workflows using custom software to access the CMM APIs. See the Read Me document on Labs and in the CMM download for details.

Adobe intends to provide the final release of the CMM after the prerelease cycle is complete. It will be provided free of charge to users who agree to the licensing terms in the CMM licensing agreement.

Additional information and downloads are available from the Adobe Labs Adobe Color Management Module web page.

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