Oct 17, 2006

Dove Illustrates Why Perception of Beauty is Distorted


When we as an industry set out to create a beautiful ad, we tend to sometimes let our creativity and this thing called Photoshop run amock. Clearly demonstrating this penchant and fixation for beautifying everything in our path is this Dove commercial – created by Ogilvy Toronto and produced by Reginald Pike – in which an average looking woman is, first, subjected to intense physical makeover and then intense digital makeover turning her into the very familiar but very unreal woman we see gracing the pages of magazines and as subject matter for our advertising.


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Editor’s note: Ironically, the digital make-over part of the commercial doesn’t look like it was actually done in Photoshop-at least no version of Photoshop we’ve ever seen. So, it seems even the digital imaging was digitally imaged to avoid using the Photoshop interface.

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