Sep 12, 2006

Epson Print Academy at Photoshop World-Report

Last week, at Photoshop World, Epson held a special “mini” Print Academy. The question was, would people come and could we cover what we needed to cover in such a short period of time. The answer to both questions was yes!

Tucked in an out of the way room at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the Epson Print Academy at Photoshop World was only supposed to have about one hundred people.

We didn’t have a Tech Expo but we did have a small gallery of prints from the Stylus Pros. Seeing a well printed, great image in a matte and frame goes a long way to proving the validity of fine art digital printing.

Unlike the normal all day events, we only had to show up for a 1:00pm start time. Here Greg Gorman and Andrew Rodney run through their presentations and test the 4800 printer.

Since Bruce Fraser couldn’t travel due to illness, Andrew Rodney, author of Color Management for Photographers filled in (left) and Eddie Murphy from Epson made sure our printer was up and running.

Andrew took a few snaps with his point and shoot (left) and I grabbed a shot of Dick Callen, our AV guy who has traveled with us on all the Print Academies. Dick loved coming to Vegas!

Andrew was raring to go and just looking for me to give him the start sign.

Andrew did a great job of filling in for Bruce (although Andrew doesn’t have that Scottish brogue down pat).

Color management isn’t so hard, when somebody who understands it is teaching.

The only thing that Andrew did wrong was finish early! He was so worried he would run long that he actually finished a few minutes early-which wouldn’t have been a problem except I was in the hall and didn’t hear him.

Well, so much for wishful thinking, the count was over 160 people with some having to sit around the edges.

So, I did my usual optimising images for printing session. Ya can’t make great prints if you haven’t adjusted your images properly for printing including using soft proofing and image sharpening.

As usual, Dan (aka Dano as in ‘bookem Dano’) Steinhardt, who organizes the Epson Stylus Pro program and produces the Print Academies, was stuck in the hall with a cell phone.

We took a midpoint break. Here the guy in the blue shirt must have been looking for the magic “behind” the printer.

Also during the break, we were invaded by Mad Dr. Brown (Russell Brown) wearing a wig (at least I think it was a wig) to see how we were doing. Russell had his session just down the hall.

Next up was Greg Gorman who covered Advanced B&W conversions and printing. Andrew and John Paul were hanging out listening too. Originally, Greg wasn’t scheduled to come to Photoshop World, but decided to come to witness JP and I getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Gratuitous crowd shot showing, well, the crowd.

Dano always likes it when I shoot the crowd-he likes to show his boss that people really did come to the event.

More shots of Greg. His color to B&W conversion process is very popular. It was originally done for him by his digital retoucher, Robb Carr. Print Academy attendees get to download an action based on Greg’s process.

Left, JP was up next. Dano (right) always tries to pay attention. All told, I suspect Dano’s heard these sessions about 1/2 dozen times and I think they’re finally starting to sink in.

JP always does a nice job explaining the fine art part of Fine Art Printing.

Here Greg and Andrew listen in.

I think the crowd was happy to have attended. Initial evals were positive so I suspect the experiment was a success. I think that means we’ll be asked back for the next Photoshop World. Hey, it doesn’t hurt that the lineup has two Photoshop Hall of Fame members speaking (not to say that Greg and Andrew are chopped liver mind you).

Also, it should be noted that this was a “mini” Print Academy and we had to cut a lot of material from the full day sessions. So, if you are in the areas where the full Epson Print Academy will be coming, you might want to come see us there.

October 28, 2006 in Phoenix, AZ
Crowne Plaza San Marcos/Chandler

November 11, 2006 in Salt Lake City, UT
Hilton Salt Lake City Center

December 2, 2006 in Atlanta, GA
Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown

January 20, 2007 in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA
Doubletree Hotel Santa Ana/Orange County Airport

January 28, 2007 in New York City, NY
Hotel Pennsylvania

Track Two features live presentations by renowned industry experts such as John Paul Caponigro, Bruce Fraser, Greg Gorman, Mac Holbert, and Jeff Schewe. Topics include:

* In-depth color management and custom profiling

* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow

* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques

* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity

* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers

* Advanced black and white printing techniques

Pricing for Track Two is $99.95 after a special $50 discount for professionals. More information including the complete tour schedule and how to register is available at Price includes admission to the new Print Academy Expo, featuring the latest products for pros.

See the PhotoshopNews coverage of the following tour cities:
New York City
Los Angeles
San Francisco

3 Responses to “Epson Print Academy at Photoshop World-Report”

  1. Jani Westman Says:

    Hi Jeff!
    You mentioned before you went to Photoshop World that there will be divulging new secrets and new technologies at the session originally scheduled by Russell Brown.

    I have not seen anything about eather Photoshop CS3 or Lightroom on the web!?

    And frankly I’m suprised that nothing has came up here on Photoshop News.

    I’we been browsing this site atleast five times a day the last six days hungry for some news. Especially for news on Lightroom (for PC).

    Do you have any news?

    Thankyou for a brilliant site!!!

  2. jpaulmoore Says:

    I am with Jani on this one. I too heard for days about some new emerging technologies from Adobe that were going to be announced.

    Keep on bringing us the cutting edge news. We love it.

  3. Andrew Rodney Says:

    They kind of, sort showed Photoshop CS3 running Intel Native… with all palettes and menu’s hidden. It was on screen less than a minute.

    Saw a demo of a technology that can detect if an image has been manipulated.

    Biggest cool thing was beta 4 of Lightroom but I’m leaving that for Jeff.

    Be patient grasshopper. All will be explained.

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