Sep 12, 2006


newstar.jpgSource: Dateline Hollywood (satire)

Hollywood — There’s been a sudden boom in the so-called Photoshop Diet after CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric quickly lost a stunning 20 pounds on the weight-loss program.

“I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow, and I still look thin in the new photos I’ve just put up on my website,” said former “View” co-host Star Jones Reynolds.

A photograph of Couric in the recent edition of Watch! a CBS-produced magazine, showed a smiling Couric in a trim-fitting, black pin-striped suit. Using the Photoshop weight-loss program, Couric was able to keep eating fatty foods while having no exercise over the last few months.

“I tried Atkins, I tried the South Beach diet, but none of those made me look as great as the Photoshop Diet,” said Couric.

Actress Kirstie Alley has suddenly abandoned the Jenny Craig diet program and began the Photoshop Diet over the weekend.

“It’s amazing. I had a photo shoot for Parade Magazine on Saturday, and I was able to lose 75 pounds,” said Alley. “It’s a whole new me. I look so hot in a bikini now.”

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