Sep 4, 2006

On the Road to Vegas, Baby…

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, September 7-9, 2006

I’ll be leaving for Photoshop World on Tuesday, September 5th where I’ll be speaking at the Epson Print Academy as well as at Photoshop World. Oh, yeah, on Thursday I’ll also be getting inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Cool, huh?

I’ll be bringing my camera with me-you know what that means…PICTURES from Photoshop World. I can’t promise to post them live, although if I can get net access, I’ll try to post some on a slight time delay.

If you are going to be there, come up and introduce yourself. At the actual conference, I’ll be doing two of my own sessions (in addition to the sold out Print Academy Pre Con);

Friday, Sept 8th
In the Productivity Track
In Search of the Perfect Color Print

Then on Saturday, Sept 9th
In the Productivity Track
In Search of the Perfect B&W Print

I’ll also be covering what was supposed to be Bruce Fraser’s Real World Camera Raw session in the Digital Photography Track from 12:45pm-1:45pm. Bruce couldn’t travel to Vegas because of a respiratory infection-his docs say he needs bed rest and a trip to Vegas is contraindicated.

So, I won’t be doing daily updates, unless anything really important happens-like maybe a sneak peek at Photoshop CS3 rumored to happen during the keynote by Adobe’s Senior VP, John Loiacono (aka Johnny “L”) or a demo of Lightroom Beta 4 by George Jardine.

See you there…

11 Responses to “On the Road to Vegas, Baby…”

  1. Dan The Photo Man Says:

    OK, I don’t see a name. Who is this mystery person? I know it is not Bruce (get well soon!), but my guess is Jeff. Congratulations, whoever you are! ;)

  2. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Yeah, yeah, sorry-it’s late. I forgot to post with MY name…ooops!

    (I’ve fixed it now)


  3. Dan The Photo Man Says:

    Have a great trip! And PLEASE give us a report on Lightroom Beta 4 features! If it is shown in public, it should be fair game. :)

  4. Mel Hill Says:

    three words of advice Jeff
    Lotus of Siam
    the best Thai restaurant in the USA is in Vegas

    check out the thread on the foodie boards and you will see.
    go there and just tell them to bring you food ( northern thai please)
    congrats on the HoF too!


  5. Ammar Midani Says:

    I was planning to fly from Syria to Vegas to attend But unfortunately at the last minute it didn’t work.

    Get them Jeff & have fun.

  6. Greg Barnett Says:

    Jeff- I second Mel’s recomendation on Lotus of Siam, took Julieanne there last year and it was excellent!! Say hi to JP for me.


  7. Mel Hill Says:

    Plus, bring a big group and ask the somm. to “bring us wine!”
    maybe give them a budget and sit back and drink some of the finest
    wines that pair with Thai food.

  8. Andrew Rodney Says:

    I LOVE Thia food. Let’s go Jeff! On me too.

  9. Mel Hill Says:

    So? did you guys go to LOS?


  10. Andrew Rodney Says:

    I didn’t go but a bunch of people did. I had to leave Friday. Jeff and Becky might have gone.

  11. Mel Hill Says:

    Oh sure, post that you are going to PAY for dinner and then skip town :)

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