Aug 29, 2006

Katie Couric Before/After


In what some media wags are calling a “Photoshop Diet Program”, it seems CBS is concerned about Katie’s waistline and is taking steps to improve it. TVNEWSER has a story about Katie’s Extreme Makeover. The image on the left was released earlier in the year and the image on the right is from the September issue of Watch Magazine, which is owned by CBS.

2 Responses to “Katie Couric Before/After”

  1. dc photographer Says:

    While I don’t see any problems with CBS corporate releasing a retouched photo, since it’s not journalism. In fact, CBS may have re-released a second retouched one, and their sister publication either didn’t know to find the earlier one, or never got it, and went with this one.

    IF it were a newspaper or wire service who did the manipulation, then I’d have a big problem with it!


  2. Charles Says:

    Boy I couldn’t disagree more. This photograph represents the new, CBS provided “Gold Standard” in TV journalism. I realize that might not be a new Edward R. Murrow, but they should know that discovery of a doctored photo erodes any positive perception of how they handle the reporting of news at CBS. Perhaps they effectively Photoshop there reports in a similar manner by purposefully casting a more attractive light on a less attractive story (which I am sure is the case anyway). At any rate, CBS (Corporate or otherwise), should not be offering up altered realities.

    In another light, I wonder how Katie feels about this. Basically they called her a fatty, visually.

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