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Aug 28, 2006

Artificial muscles light up TVs

Diffraction grateArrays of thousands of tiny “super prisms” controlled by robotic muscles could bring real colour to TV screens for the first time, scientists say.

Source: BBC News
By Jonathan Fildes

The devices, known as electrically tunable diffraction gratings, have been built by researchers in Switzerland.

They manipulate light to reproduce the full spectrum of colours on screen, impossible using existing technology.

Aug 28, 2006

Scanner Artist Marsha Tudor Exhibit

floatgallerynmarshatudor-1.jpgMarina del Rey, Calif. — Float Gallery presents works of direct digital capture by Marsha Tudor, August 31 through September 16, 2006.

The show includes original digital prints from botanical sources which, despite their representational origin, explore perception and visual relationships.

Marsha Tudor, scanner artist, challenges conventional views of photography and digital capture. Using an Epson 4990 scanner, she creates images of such sculptural dimensionality that they belie the flat surface on which they are created. The exceptional resolution possible with a flatbed scanner produces images of remarkable clarity; this sharp focus is dramatically supported by the dark backgrounds which often result from the top being removed from the scanner.

Aug 28, 2006

Software piracy nets six-year prison term

Prosecutors and investigators hail the sentence as a major triumph. The Lakeland entrepreneur also is ordered to pay $4.1-million in restitution.

Source: St. Petersburg Times
Written by Carrie Weimar

Visitors to Danny Ferrer’s Web site found deals too good to be true.

Instead of paying $600 for Adobe Photoshop, Ferrer listed it for $99.95 on his site, He offered similar deals for other products.