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Aug 21, 2006

The Photoshop Tool Palette for “Creative Freelancers”

All I’m going to give you is the link.  :~)

Via John Nack’s Adobe Blog.

Aug 21, 2006

Photojournalism in Crisis

Source: Editor & Publisher
Written by David D. Perlmutter

The Israeli-Hezbollah war has left many dead bodies, ruined towns, and wobbling politicians in its wake, but the media historian of the future may also count as one more victim the profession of photojournalism. In twenty years of researching and teaching about the art and trade and doing photo-documentary work, I have never witnessed or heard of such a wave of attacks on the people who take news pictures and on the basic premise that nonfiction news photo- and videography is possible.

I’m not sure, however, if the craft I love is being murdered, committing suicide, or both.

Aug 21, 2006

Benchmarks: 3GHz Mac Pro

The latest model sets a new speed mark

Source: Macworld
Written By James Galbraith

Macworld Lab’s 3GHz Mac Pro arrived at our (Macworld’s) offices, and, as expected, the desktop equipped with the fastest Xeon currently available to Mac users outpaced the 2.66GHz Mac Pro.

Aug 21, 2006

Trevor Morris Updates a Lot of Scripts

gfxtm.gif Trevor Morris, who runs the GFX web site has uploaded a bunch of new Photoshop scripts including a beta to a new Black & White Variations script.

  • Hide All Layers – set the visibility of all layers to off (invisible)
  • Show All Layers – set the visibility of all layers to on (visible)
  • Search For Layers – searches for layers by name and selects the first match
  • Sort Layers – sorts all layers in the active document alphanumerically (from top to bottom)

Be sure to check out his Photoshop Tutorials while you’re there.