Aug 14, 2006

Russell Preston Brown in Iceland-Updated

russell.jpgRussell Brown, the chief Adobe Evangelist and all round funny guy has started a photo contest-The Best Photos of Russell.

The contest is only actually open to those photographers that went on the “Lightroom Iceland Adventure” but Russell has given PhotoshopNews permission to post them so our readers can also add to the vote tally.

The winning photographer from the trip will receive an Apple iPod (probably given to Russell by Apple).
Editor’s note: We’ve added the photo credits to the images so you can see who shot which images.

The photos were taken by members of the Adventure. I’m pretty sure the titles are by Russell (they sound like him). Russell is running the voting from his web site for the vote tally, but PSN readers are welcome to make comments here at PSN (note: you need to register to post comments). Russell has not said if the comments here will weigh in his vote tally, but I suspect they may.

The Visionary © 2006 by Angela Drury

Attack Of The Filler Marshmallow © 2006 by John Isaac

Almost Professional © 2006 by Johann Guobjargarson

The Photographer © 2006 by John McDermott

Breakfast For Two © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Transcendental Tripper © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Morning Light © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Wow! Someone should take a picture of this! © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Hot Tub Heaven © 2006 by Martin Sundberg

At Your Service… © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Morning Mist © 2006 by Peter Krogh

Puffin Crazy! © 2006 by John McDermott

Really Big! © 2006 by John Isaac

The Swim Team © 2006 by Mikkel Aaland

The photographers’ names have now been included.

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    Always a kick and a grin!

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