Aug 2, 2006

Lovable ‘Love Soup’

Source: The Washington Times

Love Soup,” a quirky new romantic sitcom from Britain, debuts Tuesdays at 10:00PM Eastern on BBC America.

The comedy, starring Tamsin Grieg and Michael Landes, explores the age-old question of whether there is only one person out there perfect for you — and what do you do until you meet that person?

Miss Grieg (from the long-running BBC radio series “The Archers”) is Alice Chenery, a perfume-counter manager in a London department store who seems to attract nothing but weirdos. Gil Raymond (Mr. Landes,the first Jimmy Olsen on “Lois & Clark” and a guest star on “CSI”) is an American comedy writer transplanted to the English countryside who keeps getting dumped. They have one thing in common — an odd take on life.

In the strong first episode, Alice remarks that the name of her real estate agent’s company, Rush & Butcher, sounds like one of Stalin’s death camps. “I suppose everyone says that,” she says to her agent, who looks at her with a mixture of puzzlement and disgust. The only person who wouldn’t, in all probability, is Gil. The two would make a great match, but they run in completely different circles. Will they ever meet? If they do, will they recognize how perfect they are for each other?

Trudie Styler — the actress wife of rock star Sting — steals the show as Gil’s neighbor, Irene, a woman who leaves her husband after a slip by Gil reveals her hubby’s extramarital affair. Irene’s digital sleight of hand — she replaces her husband with Gil in a series of cozy snapshots via Photoshop — should make for an amusingly awkward relationship in future episodes.

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