Aug 2, 2006

Lightroom Podcast Episode 11 Posted

Bill Atkinson (left) and Michael Reichmann (right), photo by George Jadine.

George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist of Adobe has posted a new iTunes Podcast. This is the first podcast from the “Lightroom Iceland Adventure” with Michael Reichmann and Bill Atkinson. The team is really moving fast, so there should be more soon.

The podcast can be downloaded now from George’s iDisk at:
Look in the 0801 Podcast folder.

Or, it can be found on iTunes (sometime later today, maybe…..), by searching under Podcasts for “Lightroom”. The RSS feed is:

Title: “Podcast #11: Michael Reichmann and Bill Atkinson”

Subtitle: “These two very accomplished photographers shed some light on the spectacular environment for photography here in Iceland.”

Description: “This podcast was recorded Tuesday, August 1st 2006, in Nesbud, Iceland. Michael and Bill are interviewed as part of a group of 12 photographers that are here to work with the Adobe Lightroom team on Mikkel Aaland’s upcoming Lightroom book project.

The views and opinions of the participants in this podcast are their own, and do not reflect or represent those of Adobe Systems.

Duration: 25:00

For more information regarding Adobe Lightroom or to download the Lightroom beta, check out the Adobe Labs Lightroom site.

Comments are welcome.

While listening, check out the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Iceland Adventure Photo Gallery

3 Responses to “Lightroom Podcast Episode 11 Posted”

  1. Timothy Gray Says:

    Great podcast guys! Wish you could do a video podcast to share the environments with the rest of us back here stateside.

  2. Ian Lyons Says:


    >the rest of us back here stateside

    the world is a tad bigger than “stateside”, but “we” get your meaning ;-)

  3. Timothy Gray Says:

    Ian, I simply meant those of us back in the states. I was not implying the world is so small.

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