Jul 7, 2006

Lightroom Podcast Episode 8 Posted

George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist of Adobe has posted a new iTunes Podcast about Adobe Lightroom with Mark Hamburg (Lightroom founding engineer), Bruce Fraser, Zalman Stern (Camera Raw engineer), and Thomas Knoll, Photoshop co-author and Camera Raw primary engineer.

It’s available from iTunes music store, keyword “Lightroom”.
And via RSS at:

Title: “Podcast #8: Mark Hamburg, Bruce Fraser Zalman Stern, and Thomas Knoll”

This podcast was recorded Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 in the home of Ruth and Thomas Knoll in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Description: “In this discussion, we talk about color space choices made in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, tone curves, and colorimetric vs. perceptual mappings, before wandering off into a somewhat cynical look at more esoteric subjects such as software development at Adobe Systems, the role of image management in Lightroom, and other inconclusive ramblings. I probably would have edited much of this second half, but for the sake of honesty, I’ve included most of it. It serves to highlight how complicated many of the decisions are that have to be made when designing a new piece of software in a rapidly changing space, and I so think it actually adds quite a bit of value for listeners who wonder why we make the decisions we do.”

The views and opinions of the participants in this podcast are their own, and do not reflect or represent those of Adobe Systems.

Duration: 41:11

For those who do not have iTunes, George has uploaded the MP3 to his iDisk-there are several ways to access the iDisk if you don’t have a Mac… and the easiest is probably http at:

For more information regarding Adobe Lightroom or to download the Lightroom beta, check out the Adobe Labs Lightroom site.

George always tries to go from a script-which is useful but rarely does the podcast stay on script.

Rose, the Knoll’s dog, hangs out listening to the podcast-she knows a lot about Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom but the lack of an apposable thumb slows her down with a mouse.

Ruth Knoll, the “Original Photoshop Widow” was in the room (it’s actually her office as well as being the “formal” dining room). Ruth was printing out stuff for the next day’s Soup2Nuts Conference.

Seth Resnick was also hanging out-checking his email. Nice hair, Seth!

Meanwhile, Scott Kelby is in the living room playing the grand piano.

Scott tickled the ivory playing jazz-very well I might add.

Mark Hamburg was re-booting his new black Macbook into Windows XP using Bootcamp.

Here’s Mark launching the Windows version of Lightroom-yes, it DOES run but Adobe is still fine-tuning the bugs out for release later this summer.

Mark shows Bruce Fraser and Zalman Stern the latest Win Beta 3. Bruce doesn’t do “Windows”.

George rigs up the mic on Mark and points out the clip that keeps the cable from making noise-something George forgot to do with me in San Jose. The cord makes a lot of noise when it swings free.

George rigs up Thomas Knoll.

George -TRIES- to rig his own mic and headphones while still holding a glass of wine-put down the glass George…

George does a sound check while the boys already start talking-that always happens when you get a bunch of geeks together with wine.

The recording starts…

Bruce makes a point-I don’t know what point this was but it sounded good.

Zalman takes a sip while George asks a question from his notes.

Sneaky shot of George-he thought he could hide his script from me-yeah, right George, already shot it dude.

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5 Responses to “Lightroom Podcast Episode 8 Posted”

  1. Greg Barnett Says:

    How does Rose do with a Wacom? :-)

  2. Dave Story Says:

    Man, I’m glad you weren’t my wedding photographer! :)

  3. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Rose is better at licking the plates in the dishwater…but Thomas says she’s actually seen more Photoshop code than most real people, so there ya go. She’s a canine expert at Photoshop…

    Dave, dooode, I shoot ‘em as I see ‘em-and yes, the wide angle lens isn’t flattering but it does give you the feeling of being “close to the action”.

    If I was shooting your wedding, I would have come along to the honeymoon too-now there’s a scarey thought!


  4. Claudio Says:

    Is Lightroom being built with Vista in Mind? Will Adobe write a codec to provide DNG support in Vista?
    Also, on another topic; will we be seeing an article, photos, podcast on the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit?

  5. Rapidshare Says:

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