Jul 5, 2006

Globe-trotting carved bear ‘returns’ to Grizzly Peak

Source: The Ann Arbor News
Written by Marianne Rzepka

It’s been five years since the 4-foot-tall wood carving of a bear disappeared from Ann Arbor’s Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. But it’s back again, appearing at the West Washington Street restaurant as suddenly as it disappeared, only this time with a history to tell.

“Contrary to popular belief, I was not bearnapped,” read a letter that came with the prodigal bear. “I just needed to see what was beyond the front doors of Grizzly Peak.”

An accompanying photo album shows the roughly 45-pound bear at Mackinac Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and in several foreign countries including Russia and Greece. The globe-trotting clearly depended on the digital magic of Photoshop.

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Editor’s note: so far, none of the globe-trotting bear shots have surfaced-PhotoshopNews is still trying to track them down.

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