Jun 21, 2006

On the Road to Ann Arbor

I’ll be leaving for the Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference Thursday along with some friends: Bruce Fraser & Seth Resnick from PixelGenius, Thomas Knoll and Marc Pawliger from Adobe and a host of other Photoshop luminaries including Scott Kelby, Michael Ninness, Ben Willmore, Terry White and more…

In addition to the usual seminars and workshops this year, Ruth Knoll (the original Photoshop Widow) has arranged for a photo shoot at the Toledo Zoo where participants can go “big game” hunting (with a camera of course) and be guided by the likes of:

Thomas Knoll (long lens), Bruce Fraser (Shooting through Glass), Seth Resnick (Creating Stock Photography), Ben Willmore and Michael Ninness (Begin with the Basics), Scott Kelby (African animals) and Mark Pawliger and Jeff Schewe (Tech Talk and the Candid Shot) – ok, I’m not sure what Marc and I are supposed to do but it has something to do with Tigers, the Asian Sloth Bear and African Penguins.

I know a little something about Antarctic penguins (see the Antarctica Expedition story on PhotoshopNews.

Thomas has promised to teach everybody the “Binary Dance” that he discovered in deep, dark Africa.

The odds are -REAL GOOD- that Thomas will be armed again with his Tabasco Sauce…

Thomas and Bruce will be doing a Camera Raw session together (this I’ve got to see).

Rose will still be there (the Knoll’s dog/butler). But Rose has a new pet! Jackson, a dachshund who, true to form and meeting the Knoll’s oddity level, can go outside without a leash but must wear one indoors (cause he likes to terrify the cats).

Last year I didn’t get the shot of Ruth dancing on the tables (available for viewing at: but I did get the shot of her and Bruce a bit “tipsy”.

So if you come to the conference, be warned – I’ll have a camera (and I kinda know how to use it) and your face may end up plastered all over PhotoshopNews. See ya there!

3 Responses to “On the Road to Ann Arbor”

  1. Greg Barnett Says:

    So no contest this year? :-)

  2. Dave New Says:

    Had a great time. I always learn new things, especialy from the Camera Raw discussions with Thomas (and this year, Bruce).

    Hope to see you all again next year!

    Thanks for doing this in my home stomping grounds. SE Mich seems to be absent from a lot of photography workshop tours (e.g. The Epson Print Academy).

  3. Peter Martin Says:

    when are you going to do an article on Soup2Nuts, I was there and saw you take lots of pictures. I always read the site (especially the updates on Lightroom).
    Also what was your take on the Microsoft ProPhoto summit?

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