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Jun 19, 2006

iView Releases MediaPro 3.1.1

Improved IPTC metadata support, metadata sync for more Raw formats, Windows scripting engine update and improved NEF rendering lead the list of enhancements.

Press Release: iView Multimedia has released a free update to its flagship digital asset management program iView MediaPro.

Jun 19, 2006

Nikon Capture NX: Nikon’s Answer to Photoshop

Image-editing rethought from the ground up.

Source: PopPhoto
Written by Debbie Grossman

Ever wonder what an image-editing program would be like if Adobe Photoshop had never existed?

The new Nikon Capture NX software is probably the closest thing. A co-project of Nikon and the similarly named (but unrelated) Nik Software company, this program uses what they’re calling U Point technology to allow you to make quick adjustments to the zones of influence you choose. That means you can saturate certain areas, desaturate others, and color-correct in the places that need it, all without painstakingly selecting them. The other good news: None of these changes are permanent. They all happen as a list of deletable and modifiable steps that leave your original alone.

Jun 19, 2006

Sci-fi artist uses old-fashioned ways

Source: San Antonio Express-News
Written by Dan R. Goddard

John Picacio shopped at a local hardware store for the parts to assemble his starship — PVC plumbing parts, electrical workboxes and sprinkler heads.

But the clunky contraption appeared sleekly futuristic with rockets blazing against a sea of stars when the San Antonio artist incorporated it into his design for the cover of a science fiction novel, Mike Resnick’s “Starship: Mutiny.”

“I think you can see the influence of the found object collages of Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell in my work,” he said. “I like working from three-dimensional models, and I think it is important to draw from life. I have friends dress up in costume for my figures. I do my final composition on computer, but nearly all the individual elements are done by hand. It’s old-fashioned drawing and painting.”