Jun 16, 2006

Lightroom Engineer Mark Hamburg to be at Photoshop Soup2Nuts

Former Photoshop engineer and current Adobe Lightroom engineering architect Mark Hamburg will be at the upcoming Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference June 23-24, 2006 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mark, the second engineer to work on Photoshop (after Thomas Knoll) is actually from Midland, Michigan.

He’ll be attending the Soup2Nuts Conference where he has agreed to do several Adobe Lightroom presentations with speaker Jeff Schewe.

George Jardine, Pro Photo Evangelist will also attend and attempt to record several Lightroom Podcasts during the event.

To read more about Mark’s development of Lightroom, originally code-named Shadowland, check out this PhotoshopNews story from last January-the day Lightroom was announced. See The Shadowland/Lightroom Development Story

Jeff Schewe, who has been working with Mark on Shadowland/Lightroom will be doing three Lightroom demos at the Soup2Nuts event. Session ALBT01-Lightroom is on Friday at 8:45AM. Jeff will be repeating the session on Saturday at 1:00PM and again at 4:30PM. Those sessions are: ALBT07 – Lightroom and ALBTWS04 – Lightroom.

The Photoshop Soup2Nuts Conference is a two day learning conference encompassing the entire genre of digital imaging workflow. It is produced by volunteers, corporations, and educators passionate about the mission of the event. If you are in driving distance of Ann Arbor, you owe it to yourself to check out what’s available. In addition to being a very good opportunity for education from some of the best speakers in the biz, it’s also a really fun time.

Presenters for Soup2Nuts 2006:
Andrew Stern
Ben Willmore
Bruce Fraser
Carl Sams
Dale Fisher
Derek Blair
Doug Elbinger
Dwight Cendrowski
Greg De Stefano
James Partridge
Jeff Schewe
Jeffrey M. Greene
Lesa Snider
Lynda Angelastro
Marc Pawliger
MIchael Britt
Michael Ninness
Renee Pearson
Scott Dunham
Scott Kelby
Seth Resnick
Terry Abrams
Terry White
Thomas Knoll (yes, THE Thomas Knoll, co-author of Photoshop)
Tom Malama

Online registration is available.

Proceeds of the event will be donated to beneficiaries of the Andrah Foundation:
Michigan Center for Photographic Arts
Michigan Theater
Michigan Women’s Foundation
Washtenaw Community College Foundation

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