Jun 13, 2006

‘Fantasy images harmful to young’

Source: The Australian

A former international model and one-time Miss Universe has hit out at the fashion industry for promoting a distorted body image she said was damaging young people.

Australia’s Kerry Wells, who was crowned Miss Universe in 1972, said the increased use of computer-enhanced images in teen-oriented and celebrity magazines prompted many young people to “think even the real people look like glamour-pusses”.

“There wasn’t Photoshop when I first started modelling but they used to do a fair bit of airbrushing,” the 55-year-old said after attending a workshop with year nine students in Melbourne today.

“I think the danger now is that they are doing the same thing with celebrities, they are doing the same things with real people.

“It’s very difficult to separate what is real from fantasy, and many kids just think, ‘I’m never going to look any good’.”

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