Jun 1, 2006

Photoshop Soup2Nuts-2006

Photoshop Soup2Nuts
June 23-24, 2006 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

You’ll want to be there this year…want to see what you missed last year?

Held on the campus of Washtenaw Community College the Photoshop Soup 2 Nuts Conference was a great deal of fun for those who attended. Fun? YES, but it’s also educational.

Dave Story, VP of Engineering, Adobe Systems lead off the day with announcements. (Dave is the one on the chair).

Ruth Knoll (middle) helps attendees figure out where to go. Pretty easy really.

Thomas Knoll (left) and Bruce Fraser talk about Camera Raw.

Don Werthmann’s tie. Don is on the faculty of Washtenaw Community College and teaches photography. Now, what’s up with that tie Don?

Canon USA was a sponsor and showed off new cameras and lenses.

Thomas Knoll (far right) talks about cameras and lenses with the Canon reps.

Epson was also a sponsor and showed printers and even gave some away.

X-rite showed off color management toys.

I grabbed a shot of me (left) sitting with Thomas in the audience during the first keynotes.

Scott Kelby kicked off the presentations covering cool new things in the then new Photoshop CS2.

Scott also did an on stage interview with Thomas. Thomas, in case you are not from this planet, is the original co-author of Photoshop and primary engineer on Camera Raw and DNG.

Scott chatting with Thomas…

Scott confided that he was pretty nervous interviewing Thomas. Thomas wasn’t nervous.

Jerry Uelsmann gave a presentation of The Creative Image:
Digital & Darkroom
with his wife, Maggie Taylor.

Jerry is very entertaining and works well with Maggie.

Bruce Fraser spoke about color management.

Bruce makes color management easy to understand.

Dan Burkholder also presented: Selection Techniques:
A Full Exposé

Thomas Knoll talked to a full room about Camera Raw.

Thomas had the crowd enthralled.

Thomas and his father Glenn look through the photo exhibition by the attendees.

Dave Story and Thomas talk among the balloons. Maybe about the future of Camera Raw?

The winners of the “who has the other parts of my picture” competition. Ruth Knoll came up with the idea of cutting pictures into three puzzle pieces and getting people to find who had the other pieces of their pictures. I don’t know who won nor what they won-but it was fun.

The first night’s dinner was sponsored in part by Adobe (no surprise) and Tabasco. Tabasco? You bet, if you’ve read the PSN article Photoshop Widows Club – The Extremist you would understand.

Dinner was Mexican food – goes good with Tobasco sauce.

Somebody grabbed my camera and shot Bruce and I eating.

So, about that Tobasco sauce – Ruth designated several tables as “No Tobasco” tables. But you’ll note that there’s an even bigger Tobasco bottle. Guess whose table?

Yes, Thomas Knoll’s table. He brought his own Habanero Pepper Sauce.

He puts a lot of sauce on – I mean A LOT of sauce…

…and then eats with relish.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by The Ann Arbor Music Center , notice the age range. They did a great job.

Of course, their bass player was pretty talented. Yep, Hannah Knoll, Ruth and Thomas’ daughter. Hannah has had a role in the development in Camera Raw – seems it was Hannah’s ear that Thomas first shot to de-mosiac raw files with. See: Photoshop Widows Club – Parte Due

The “After Glow” party was thrown by Ruth at the Knoll house (the house that Photoshop built) for sponsors, speakers and other VIP’s.

The front entry way is rather, uh, big.

First greetor? Rose the dog. She loves parties.

The party was in the living room.

With live music.

Jerry received his certificate for attending the Soup2Nuts event. I got one too.

Maggie, Jerry and Dan sip drinks.

The guys from Canon, who helped sponsor the party.

Food was in abundance.

Here Bruce is seated on the patio by Rose (who expected a tip of course).

Ruth and Bruce a bit “tipsy”.

Super secret shot-this is Thomas’ room where Camera Raw is worked on.

The final good-byes. Another great party at the Knoll house.

For another view of the festivities, check out Ruth Knoll’s post on . It should be noted that one can see Ruth dancing on the table and other embarassing moments shot by Ian McDowell.

Ruth’s African Experience has given inspiration to this year’s Photoshop Soup2Nutz event…where the top Photoshop talent will be descending upon Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Presenters include:
Bruce Fraser
Scott Kelby
Thomas Knoll
(yes, THE Thomas Knoll)
Marc Pawliger (Director of Photoshop engineering)
Jeff Schewe
Seth Resnick
Ben Wilmore & more…

In addition to more Photoshop sessions than you can shake a stick at, there’s also a special trip to shoot (cameras, no guns) at the Toledo Zoo.

Online registration is available.
One day pass from $150, two day pass from $275. Toledo Zoo Event $125/person.

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