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Apr 28, 2006

RG Forums have changed to Pro Photo Community

Is now…

The forums formerly known as the Rob Galbraith Professional Digital Photography Forums have been taken over by the owners of the Digital Wedding Review web site.

The former Galbraith Forum URL re-directs to

Apr 28, 2006

New Chip Gives Sharper Pix on Less Power

Source: Computerworld
Written by Tommy Peterson–Geek’s Garden

Imaging chips revolutionized the photography industry, and now the chips themselves are being revolutionized by researchers at the University of Rochester.

A pair of recently patented technologies may soon enable power-hungry imaging chips to use just a fraction of the energy they use today and capture better images to boot — all while enabling cameras to shrink to the size of a shirt button and run for years on a single battery.

Apr 28, 2006

Send us your poor, your tired, your haloed images…

…yearning to blend free.

Source: John Nack on Adobe (John’s Adobe Blog)

We’d like to ask your help in improving HDR (high dynamic range) imaging in Photoshop. The halos produced by many current HDR conversion techniques (see the Flickr HDR pool for some examples) are kind of cool and wonky, but to make HDR more than a fad, we need to produce more reasonable results.

Apr 28, 2006

My terrorism act

The snap-happy readers of Amateur Photographer magazine keep being mistaken for security risks. James Sturcke sees if he can get apprehended

Source: Guardian Unlimited
Written by James Sturcke

I never guessed when I bought my camera last summer, a few days after the July 7 bombings in London, that I might come to be seen as a terrorist threat.