Apr 21, 2006

On the Road to LA

…with a few friends for the Epson Print Academy in Los Angeles!

The City of Angels, Hollywood, Venice Beach & the Pacific, oh yeah, and LAX :~(

We’re coming in to LA for a special one day Epson event that will be hitting a 10+ city tour – check out the Epson Print Academy for details and online registration.

What will we be covering?
* In-depth color management and custom profiling
* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow
* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques
* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity
* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers
* Advanced black and white printing techniques

For those attendees from Dallas, Miami, Boston, NYC, Chicago, Washington DC and Seattle, be sure to check the Epson Print Academy Track Two Info page.

We had a great crowd in Seattle and yes, on the day of the Epson Print Academy, it rained. But that’s ok, Thursday and Friday were sunny and nice. I’ll have a report about Mac Holbert’s Show Opening and our great Wine Tasting Adventure next week.

Bruce Fraser started off the day in his typical “Scottish” form talking color and Camera Raw.

George Jardine showed off Adobe Lightroom. He actually gave a sneak preview of Beta 3.

Greg Gorman talked about his work and the great B&W he gets from the Epson K3 ink printers.

We had a special guest, partner in Nash Editions and Mac’s friend, Graham Nash. You might remember him from Crosby, Stills, Nash & sometimes Young.

Graham talked about the “early days” of digital printing.

Including the first print he and Mac did – an early portrait of David Crosby.

Mac and Graham talked about taking a hacksaw to their new $126,000 Iris printer so they could print on fine art watercolor paper.

Pretty sure the crowd enjoyed the stories…

Here’s Mac looking for a file to demo.

Here was the file he was looking for – a shot of JP Caponigro who couldn’t be there because of a previous engagement. Fun picture Mac, I’m sure JP would -LOVE- to get the original…

Bruce was amused…really, this is his amused look.

Mac did some great demos….

He always gets pretty excited – here he’s shaking a finger at bad printing practices.

Here’s a shot of the screen showing Graham, Henry Wilhelm (center) of Wilhelm Research and Mac. Henry was also in the audience and on the wine tasting trip. I didn’t get a shot of him at the academy but I got plenty on the wine tasting trip!

At the end of the event, people crowded around the print table to view prints from Greg and I.

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  1. Paul Dombrowski Says:

    Nice photo story! Why not dial me up and let me know how you’re doing? Paul 219-933-7777.

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