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Apr 19, 2006

China Software Still a Pirate’s Game

Source: eWeek via Reuters
Written By Chris Buckley, Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters)—”DVDs? CDs? Games? Porn? What you want?” hawkers in Beijing’s Zhongguancun neighborhood whisper to potential customers.

Apr 19, 2006

Apple Sees Pause In Mac Sales

Source: CRN
Written by Edward F. Moltzen, CRN

Apple’s CFO said Wednesday the company saw a “pause” in sales of Macintosh systems during its most recent quarter during its transition of the computer platform to Intel processors, and the company expects that pause to continue this quarter.

Apr 19, 2006

Adobe Seen Tracking In-Line With Q2 Estimates

Source: Forbes
Written by Maya Roney

Piper Jaffray maintained an “outperform” rating on Adobe Systems, believing the company is well-positioned to improve revenue throughout 2006 and 2007 with the new products coming from its merger with Macromedia.

Apr 19, 2006

Minnesota Standards Bill Could Affect Microsoft Word, Adobe

Source: TechWeb
Written by W. David Gardner

Legislation calling for open data formats is gathering support in Minnesota. Passage could require proprietary software providers including Microsoft and Adobe to adhere to state-mandated documents standards. In the meantime, additional details on the proposed legislation have been disclosed.

Apr 19, 2006

LightZone Price Reduction

Press Release: Palo Alto, CA—April 17, 2006—Light Crafts, Inc., today announced that the suggested retail price for it’s award-winning software LightZone is now $149.95. Designed and built from the ground up for professionals and other serious photographers, LightZone is available for computers running Windows and Mac OS X. The new Universal version runs natively on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Mac computers. Version 1.3 is now available to all current owners of LightZone as a free software update and offers increased performance and camera compatibility.