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Apr 14, 2006

Disable VM Buffering plug-in fix for OS X over 4 gig ram issue

The Disable VM Buffering plug-in can be installed to eliminate pauses during painting on Macintosh machines with more than 4GB of physical RAM installed. It will have no effect on machines with 4GB or less of RAM. On machines with more than 4GB of RAM, it can eliminate pauses during painting operations at some cost in performance with very large documents.

Apr 14, 2006

LaPorte, Indiana – The Find of a Lifetime!

FOUND Magazine editor Jason Bitner has made it a habit of picking up after us, walking down the back alleys of our lives, and accumulating all that we’ve thrown away or mislaid.

One afternoon not long ago, after lunch at a small Midwestern diner, he stumbled onto a forgotten archive.

In the back of the restaurant were box upon box of studio portraits of the townspeople of LaPorte, Indiana—over 18,000 in total.

Apr 14, 2006

Benchmarks: Adobe Apps and Rosetta Emulation

Source: ZDNET Blogs
Posted by Jason D. O’Grady

Bare Feats has posted a set of benchmarks comparing two non-Universal Binary applications, Adobe’s Photoshop CS2 and After Effect 7.0, running on a three different machines to gauge the true impact of Rosetta emulation.

Apr 14, 2006

Art enters the digital domain

Woodson exhibit features canvases worked by pixels rather than paintbrushes

Source: Wausau Daily Herald

Electric Paint: The Computer as 21st Century Canvas” features the cutting-edge work of 22 artists from all over the world, including Russia, Turkey, South America and Europe.

The exhibit opens Saturday and runs through June 18, 2006.