Apr 12, 2006

Photoshop CS2 Crash when reading/writting to AFP Server

It’s been reported on both the Adobe Photoshop for Mac forums as well as on several other support sites-specifically MacInTouch that Apple OS X 10.4.6 update causes issues when reading or writing to and from servers running AFP (Apple File Protocol) particularly from within Adobe Photoshop CS2.

The story about networking issues from MacInTouch is here and one thread from the Adobe forums indicates it’s a known bug introduced with the 10.4.6 update.

In the Adobe forum thread, a post by user Stephanie Yant offers the following workaround:
We had this problem in our electronic prepress department after updating to OSX 10.4.6. It only affects Photoshop files saved to a network server, not locally. The fix mentioned on another thread is repeated below. I happened to have a copy of the necessary files at home (10.4.5), but I think you can extract what you need from the 10.4.5 Combo Updater. Boot up in Safe Mode, and be sure to repair the permissions using the Disk Utility when you are done replacing the folders.
Downgrade the AppleShare client software on the Macs to the version that
shipped in 10.4.5. Replace these three folders with the older ones:


After repairing permissions and restarting, Photoshop no longer crashes.

I was having the same issue opening and saving to my OS X 10.3.x server after updating my G5 to 10.4.6. Down-grading to the 10.4.5 components has resolved the issue for the time being. Adobe indicates it will post a Tech Document on the issue soon.

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