Apr 4, 2006

Print Show by R. Mac Holbert-Seattle

Multiple Me © by R. Mac Holbert

Benham Gallery is proud to present R. Mac Holbert, of Nash Editions, in his first solo exhibition March 29, through May 27th, 2006.

Selected images from the show:
All images © by R. Mac Holbert–All Rights Reserved
Reproduced here with permission.

3 Windows (left) and Albuquerque Airport Lights (right)

Brittle Window

Caution Mannekin (left) and Don’t Walk (right)

Construction Fence

Flag & Crosses )left) and Ladder (right)

Nash Frosted

New Family Portrait

On The Fence

Opening Shadows

Wall Shadows (left) and Self Portrait-Strand (right)


March 29, through May 27th, 2006
Artist Reception: Thursday, April 6, 6-8pm

Also at the gallery is SIDE BY SIDE: R Mac Holbert & Graham Nash a comparative history of Mac and Graham Nash’s photographic repertoire over the years.

Benham Gallery
1216 First Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(gallery web site has not yet been updated with show information)

About R. Mac Holbert

Mac Holbert by Jeff Schewe

Mac Holbert co-founded Nash Editions with his partner Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash, who is also a photographer. Mac likes to say “it took a rock star with a hack saw and a $120,000 Iris printer to start the digital printing revolution”.

Mac started his association with Graham as Crosby, Stills & Nash’s road manager. Originally hired as a truck driver (he had a commercial license) Mac ended up managing and helping produce for one of the most prolific touring rock and roll bands (oh, the stories he can tell).

When Graham needed to print some of his photographic images for a show in Japan, he turned to Mac to help him scan and reproduce a series of images from the 60′s that only survived as printed contact sheets (the original film had been lost). Mac had previously computerized the band’s accounting system and had played around with producing scanned images for tour promotions.

Their original Iris printer was recently donated to the National Museum of the Smithsonian Institution for inclusion in the History of American Photography collection. (See the PSN article)

Mac and Graham were recently presented with the PMDA Visionary Award for “Inventing Digital Fine Art Printing” (although Mac, in his self-effacing manner, disputes his worthiness for the award). (See the PSN article) However, Mac’s friends in the industry all agree that Mac and Graham richly deserve the accolade. Epson even took out an ad in the program guide congratulating Mac and Graham.

Click to see larger sized image in a new window.

See the profile of Mac and Graham on Dirck Halstead’s The Digital Journalist written by Garrett White titled Nash Editions: Fine Art Printing on the Digital Frontier

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