Apr 4, 2006

Bert Monroy’s “Monster Painting”

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Bert Monroy unveiled his latest work, Damen at the recent Photoshop World in Miami. The printed size is 40 inches by 120 inches and was produced from a Photoshop file that weighs in at 1.7 gigs–flat! Don’t be fooled folks…this is a digital painting–not a photograph!

Bert used Adobe Illustrator to create the basic shapes of the buildings but Photoshop CS2 for all the details and shading. Bert quotes the following image stats:
• The image size is 40 inches by 120 inches.
• The flattened file weighs in at 1.7 Gigabytes.
• It took eleven months (close to 2,000 hours) to create.
• The painting is comprised of close to fifty individual Photoshop files.
• Taking a cumulative total of all the files, the overall image contains over 15,000 layers.
• Over 500 alpha channels were used for various effects.
• Over 250,000 paths make up the multitude of shapes throughout the scene.

The web simply can not do this image justice but he has posted a web page on the details of making the image: Damen. It’s definately worth checking out.

Of course, I’m rather partial to Bert’s work in general and this image in particular. Bert was inspired to do this panoramic image-his first (hopefully not his last) after taking the train in from Rosemont where he was speaking on his Creativity Tour to have lunch with me. He even asked me to go back to the Damen train stop to grab a few extra digital shots with my Canon 1Ds because his original digital shots were lo-rez point & shoot captures.

I got the following from Bert in an email:

Hi Jeff,

Thought you should be one of the first to see the new piece. My
first, and probably last, panorama. You were very helpful in this 11
month project. You are in the painting as the close up demonstrates.

Ok, it’s small, but it says:
No loitering permitted
This is the studio of Jeff Schewe’s stop

Cool huh?

Thanks Bert!


See the PhotoshopNews article First Time With Photoshop – Bert Monroy

Bert’s Photoshop CS2 Creativity Tour will be in Boston April 10th and Columbus, OH May 26th.

4 Responses to “Bert Monroy’s “Monster Painting””

  1. Michael Gretton Says:

    What can one person say, apart from gaze in wonderment. Thank you for sharing this great work with us.

  2. Susan Oakes Says:

    As someone who has been privileged to attend Bert’s Creativity Tour from NAPP, I can attest that even at the larger image size here, this doesn’t do it justice. When you can actually see his layers, channels, and how he meticulously constructs his own reality from raw pixels, you have to agree with Scott Kelby when he introduced Bert to us: “His hands have been touched by GOD!” Amen! His books are a close second, but nothing beats seeing and being taught by Bert in person. There were 1200 people in attendance, and the only sounds were the ooohhs, aaahhhs and gasps from the crowd. This latest piece is just incredible!

  3. Andrew Rodney Says:

    Yup and on top of all you’ve said (which is right on the money), he’s the sweetest guy you’ve ever met. You just want to hug him. A major talent.

  4. Jaddie Dodd Says:

    Have Bert’s hands been touched by God, or is Bert God?

    I have seen no higher artistic power than Bert Monroy, artiste extraordinaire!

    (I, too, have been privileged to witness Bert in action on NAPP’s Creativity Tour. Plus, I’ve seen Bert at a couple of Photoshop Worlds. Bert was at each event very personable and real.)

    Yet, Bert is so _unreal_!

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