Mar 15, 2006

New Adobe Lightroom Podcasts

Left to right is Kevin Tieskoetter-Lightroom engineer, Mark Hamburg-Lightroom “Founder” and Jeff Schewe-photographer. Photo by George Jardine.

George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist of Adobe has posted two new iTunes Podcasts about Adobe Lightroom.

In Adobe Lightroom Beta Podcast Episode #1, Kevin, Mark and Jeff talk about some of the background of Adobe Lightroom, printing from Lightroom and where Mark sees Lightroom features going. In Episode #2, Bruce Fraser, author of Real World Camera Raw, Tom Fors, the author of the original ACR Calibrator script and Jeff answer Lightroom users call-in questions.

The recordings were done at Jeff Schewe’s studio while the crew was in Chicago for the Epson Print Academy on March 4th, 2006.

To access the podcasts, launch iTunes, click on Podcasts and do a search for Lightroom. Alternatively, you can subscribe via RSS at:

George is planning on doing a lot more podcasts and has even outfitted a traveling audio recording kit. Stay tuned!

For more information regarding Adobe Lightroom or download the Lightroom beta, check out the Adobe Labs Lightroom site.

6 Responses to “New Adobe Lightroom Podcasts”

  1. Andrew Rodney Says:

    Naturally no imaging discussion can take place without copious amounts of Starbucks! How many shots Jeff?

  2. Pierre Courtejoie Says:

    No wine tasting?
    Project Lightroom got us salivating anyways…

  3. Ian Lyons Says:

    >How many shots Jeff?

    Looks like two, just hope it wasn’t intravenously ;-)

  4. Jeff Schewe Says:

    I had a 4 shot grande mocha, I think Mark had a 3 shot venti latte and the espresso drinks were needed because of the wine the PREVIOUS nite, don’t ya know.


  5. Andrew Rodney Says:

    –>Looks like two, just hope it wasn’t intravenously

    Two cups yes but I think his record is six shots of espresso PER cup.

    Starbucks does make him sign a waver before leaving the store however.

  6. Randy Carone Says:

    What happened to images from the NYC Print Academy?
    RGB (Randy)

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