Jan 10, 2006

Lightroom Resources

A number of reviews, previews and Lightroom resources have just sprung up. Here’s a roundup of a few of them (in order of them being found).

Adobe Lightroom Public Beta One A First-Look & Primer by Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape

Lightroom Peview… by Ian Lyons (our Leprish Iricon)

Ther NAPP Lightroom Learning Center

Photoshop TV
with the Photoshop Guys Scott Kelby with co-hosts Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski dedicated this week’s episode to Lightroom

First Look: Adobe Lightroom beta by Derrick Story at

Adobe unveils Lightroom; Aperture competitor by Jim Dalrymle at

Apple’s Aperture vs. Adobe’s Lightroom: Who Comes out on Top? is this week’s Photoshop Radio podcast

Adobe program rivals Apple’s Aperture by Ina Fried of C/NET

Adobe Lightroom beta: first impressions by Dave Girard of ars technica

Adobe Releases Lightroom Beta by Nate Mook of BetaNews

Dollars and Sense: Adobe Lightroom vs Apple Aperture by Chuck Toporek of O’Reily’

New Adobe App to Compete with Apple’s Aperture by Stephen Bryant of

Adobe Lightroom™ Diary by Uwe Steinmueller of Digital Outback Photo

Introducing Project Lightroom by John Nack of Adobe System’s Inc. (on his Adobe Blog)

Take a First Look at Adobe’s Lightroom by Ben Logn at

ADOBE ANSWERS APPLE–The Lightroom Experience by Mike Pasini of The Imaging Resource

Lightroom Resources at Adobe Labs:
Lightroom Main Page
Lightroom Download Page
Lightroom Beta General Discussion forum
Lightroom Beta Feature Request forum
Lightroom Beta Bug Reports forum
Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
Lightroom Beta 1 Overview Video (requires Flash)
Lightroom video tutorial (Quicktime required-this is the same video as the movie above, but in Quicktime)
Check out the Lightroom podcast via iTunes

Updated: 01/11/2006 at 6:15pm Central

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