Jan 10, 2006

Jobs: New Intel Macs are ‘screamers’

SAN FRANCISCO–Addressing a packed crowd of the Mac faithful, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs on Tuesday served up the first Intel-based Macs, introducing a new high-end laptop and a revamped iMac.

Source: CNET
Written By Ina Fried and John Borland

The new machines both include Intel’s Duo dual-core chip.

The iMac will come in the same sizes and sell for the same prices as the current models, but the Intel chips make it two to three times faster, Jobs said. A new laptop computer, called the MacBook Pro, will be available in February, he said.

In addition to the crop of new Macs, Jobs announced a new version of the iLife suite that adds a tool–iWeb–designed to make it easy to create Web sites with video, audio and blogs, and new features meant to simplify the sharing of photos over the Web and the creation of podcasts.

Jobs said Apple would transition to an all-Intel lineup of Macintosh computers by the end of 2006.

“We’re a little ahead of schedule,” he said, with Intel Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini joining him onstage dressed in a head-to-toe “bunny suit,” the protective suits that workers wear in chipmaking facilities. “These things are screamers.”

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MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo chips starting at $1,999 shipping in February 2006

iMac with Intel Core Duo chips starting at $1,299 shipping now.

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