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Jan 9, 2006

Adobe Press Release on Lightroom

Adobe Unveils Lightroom Public Beta and Delivers New Technology for Digital Photography Workflows

Professional Photographers Instrumental in Developing New Modular Software to Import, Manage, Develop, and Showcase Images

Jan 9, 2006

Adobe Lightroom FAQ’s

Adobe has written a Lightroom FAQ. It answers, from Adobe’s point of view, some of the questions that are bound to surface regarding Adobe’s intentions regarding Adobe Lightroom Beta 1 and the development of the commercial release sometime later this year.


Q: What is Project Lightroom?

Jan 9, 2006

The Shadowland/Lightroom Development Story

The development of Adobe Lightroom, code named Shadowland, was not something Adobe started after Apple announced Aperture. The Shadowland project has been going on for years.

How do I know that Adobe has been working on Shadowland for so long?

Because that’s how long I’ve been working on it.

Jan 9, 2006

Announcing Adobe Lightroom

Adobe announces Adobe® Lightroom®, a new digital photography application and provides a free Public Beta download.