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Jan 4, 2006

Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE 2

In a post on December 23rd, 2005 I mentioned a variety of possible gifts you might consider giving to a Photoshop Junky. One of the items, a Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse was mentioned because Logitech no longer sells the mouse I was using-a dual optical, four button mouse. At the time, I didn’t notice that Logitech only offered Windows support for that mouse…see: Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE. I also indicated that somebody had actually sent me one (other than the one my wife got me for Xmas). But I had no idea who that somebody was. The mystery has been solved.

Jan 4, 2006

Hasselblad warns of incompatibility with Adobe Bridge

Written By Rob Galbraith

Hasselblad has sent a warning to registered users of its digital backs that Adobe Bridge on the Mac will in some cases corrupt the header information inside the company’s proprietary RAW 3f (.fff) file format. An excerpt from the email blast is below:

Jan 4, 2006

Apple’s Aperture: A Non-Review

Source: The Luminous Landscape
Written By Michael Reichmann

To understand Apple’s Aperture requires that one understand Steve Job’s master plan. No – I don’t have a copy of Apple Document 05-12-007. That’s safely ensconced in Steve’s office safe, and only known in detail to three people other than him, each of whom is sworn to die, even under torture (ooop – no more torture allowed) before divulging its contents.

Jan 4, 2006

The Panorama Factory Releases V4.2

Press Release: Pittsburgh, PA – January 3, 2006–Smoky City Design, LLC has released two new editions of The Panorama Factory, its popular software product for creating panoramic images.

The Panorama Factory m32 Edition runs on single- and multi-processor computers, delivering improved stitching speed on multi-processor systems (including multi-core systems) by performing image computations in parallel. The m32 Edition requires Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista.