Dec 29, 2005

Over 1,000,000 Served…

Since PhotoshopNews was launched on April 1st. 2005, over one million unique visitors have visited the web site. PSN viewers have made over 3.6 million visits and have viewed over 6.5 million pages. Wow, that’s a lot of pages, huh?

The all time top story has been Jeff Schewe’s A Visit to Adobe having been viewed over 560,000 times all around the world.

Other top stories have been:
Epson R2400 and Ultrachrome K3 Ink Report
DNG Workflow / Part I
Interview with Greg Gorman about the New Epson Printers
Ok, at least Madonna likes Photoshop
Which now seems not to have been true, see:
Confessions of an Airbrushed Anglophile

Some of the stories, such as Digital Preservation have garnered quite a bit of discussion in the story comments. The subject is rather critical for the digerati with no good solutions yet in sight.

One of the most entertaining series has been the Photoshop Widows Club category. With several stories by Ruth Knoll, wife and primary partner in crime alongside Thomas Knoll, co-author of Photoshop and primary author of Camera Raw, Ruth tells some funny stories…with more truth than fiction wrapped in. Becky Schewe also has chimed in with her story of the early years with Jeff Schewe.

Jeff Schewe has also posted his profile of Thomas & John Knoll as well as a definitive collection of Photoshop Splash Screens as well as Photoshop Tool Bars. All of which are must reads for any true Photoshop Junky.

PhotoshopNews had a hand in exposing the issue of white balance encryption in the story Nikon encrypts D2X white balance metadata. The net result of which was an uncomfortable situation for Nikon and the eventual resolution to the problem as outlined in Nikon and Adobe Talking? and Nikon’s development of a “mini-SDK” that allows 3rd parties to decrypt just the white balance metadata information.

PhotoshopNews has been a useful source of information regarding Photoshop “Issues” by culling Adobe’s Support pages for anything of critical importance to Photoshop users. PSN has also been “johnny on the spot” with announcements regarding Photoshop Updates. In fact, PhotoshopNews covered the Photoshop CS2 announcement Live from New York–it’s Photoshop CS2. PSN has the gift of incredible inside access to the people at Adobe as shown in Interview: John Nack–Photoshop Product Manager, Interview: Kevin Connor – Adobe Systems, Inc. and Interview: Bryan Lamkin who will be leaving Adobe shortly.

We’ve had our setbacks…one of our best friends and a contributor to the development of PhotoshopNews, Mike Skurski passed away unexpectedly. Mike has been and will continue to be missed. His loss was a blow to PSN as well as PixelGenius, the owner and publisher of

PhotoshopNews has had a lot of supporters that we must thank. First and foremost is Sam Swett of the Swett Group for hosting and doing dev work on the site. Sam has contributed a lot of effort above and beyond what a traditional web hosting service would do. He is also a big fan of reading PhotoshopNews and his friends think it’s way cool that he is involved with PSN.

PSN also has a large debt of gratitude to Andrei Michael Herasimchuk / Involution Studios for the site design. Andrei was the former UI Designer on Photoshop, having been responsible for kick-starting the UI revolution at Adobe and making major changes to UI and usability starting with Photoshop 4.0. His changes to Adobe’s view of interface design could arguably be the tipping point for the whole concept of the “Suite Mentality” where all Adobe applications shared common UI and usability.

PSN appreciates the efforts of a small group of contributors who have added content as well as linking to PhotoshopNews. Ian Lyons (the Leprish Iricon), Michael Reichmann, Toms Fors, Rod Wynn-Powell and Russell Preston Brown have provided important support and content. In particular, we appreciate Russell Brown’s willingness to conspire with PSN in the story Russell Brown Comes Clean, Reveals All

We also need to thank John Nack for first proposing a blog about Photoshop back in the early alpha stages of Photoshop CS2. At the time it sounded like a goofy idea but it proved to be brilliant. Thanks John.

PhotoshopNews must thank PixelGenius for committing to publish and fund the launch and operation of Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Seth Resnick, Andrew Rodney, Mike Skurski and Jeff Schewe have all contributed and supported the effort. Thanks!

It should be pointed out, however, that PhotoshopNews is independently operated and not under the thumb of Adobe. Some people may find it hard to believe, but PhotoshopNews does not accept sponsorship and to date, has not accepted advertising. PSN is operated because a small group of people all share a single passion together–Photoshop.

Thanks for stopping by…hope to see you next year.

Note: PhotoshopNews will be taking a break until Tuesday, January 3nd, 2006.

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  1. John Nack Says:

    Congratulations, guys!! I may have helped plant the seed, but you’ve made it grow like crazy, and in turn you’ve inspired me to get into the blogging game. (Wait–on second thought, what kind of monster have we made? ;-) )


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