Dec 28, 2005

Top Xmas Gifts for a Photoshop Junky-UPDATE

Last week I wrote up a fun little wish list for Xmas…seems Santa, or to be more correct TWO Santas were listening. Here’s a followup.

When I wrote my piece, I mentioned that Logitech no longer sold my favorite mouse, a dual-optical mouse. Instead, I mentioned a Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse. See the mouse on the left.

On the Logitech website when I checked out that mouse, I failed to notice one important spec. Seems the 518 mouse is NOT Mac compatible. OOOPS…


I went back and double-checked and saw that the next closest version of the mouse is the Logitech® MX™510 Performance Optical Mouse. It’s only a 800-dpi sensor instead of the 518′s 2000-dpi, and it has a blue top but the rest of it is close enough.

So, how did I find out that the 518 was not Mac compatible? Well, under the Xmas tree was a wrapped 518 mouse. Seems Santa (my wife) read the article and decided to get one for me.

That mouse has been returned and the 510 mouse is on order–but this is where the story gets a bit weird.

A couple of days after Xmas, I received a box from containing…you guessed it, another Logitech® MX™518 Gaming-Grade™ Optical Mouse. There was no note nor any indication anywhere in the box, who had sent it to me. I presume it was a PSN reader out there that decided to play Santa. I still have no idea who did it…but whoever it was, thanks…

Even though the 518 is NOT Mac compatible, I do have a PC that I can use it on so it won’t go to waste.

So, what did I learn?

Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it…

So, have I told you what kind of new car I’m wishing for?

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