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Dec 15, 2005

Phase One P 45 Digital Back Shipping

Press Release: Phase One A/S, Copenhagen, (Tuesday, December 13, 2005): Phase One®, today begins shipping the highest quality digital camera back ever — the P 45. The P 45 — the world’s only digital camera back with a 39 Mega Pixel sensor — captures images that are sharper and more detailed than ever before. It is the latest release of Phase One’s revolutionary P-series digital camera backs. Offering unsurpassed image quality, the P 45 is the ultimate in medium and large format digital photography equipment.

Dec 15, 2005

How to Tell If a Digital Image Has Been Altered

Source: CSO
Written By Simson Garfinkel

Digital photography, Photoshop and synthetic computer graphics have made image trickery both easier to commit and harder to detect. But it is still possible to catch tampering—provided you have a good eye and the right tools.

Dec 15, 2005

Epson expands Print Academy Program

Track One Teaches Digital SLR Owners How to Create Prints Just Like the Pros While Track Two Teaches Professionals Advanced Techniques to Take Businesses to the Next Level

Press Release: LONG BEACH, Calif., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Photographers of all levels looking for education about how to create spectacular prints will be able to find what they need at the Epson Print Academy 2006 traveling school. Based on the success of the previous award-winning Print Academy programs, Epson is expanding the curriculum for 2006.

Dec 15, 2005

Confessions of an Airbrushed Anglophile

A veddy British Madonna wants to keep it bloody real

Source: Houston Press
Written By Brian McManus & Annie Zaleski

So, ok, maybe Madonna doesn’t like Photoshop

Throughout her ever-changing incarnations — Material Girl, religious provocateur, dominatrix, crypt keeper — one thing Madonna has remained is honest.

Whether she’s hitchhiking naked, exploring Jewish mysticism or feeling super duper about her Mini Cooper, Mama M has never had a problem telling the American public exactly what she’s thinking.

Dec 15, 2005

Putting Aperture Through Its Paces: Part I

Source: PDN Online
Written By David Schloss

The following article, the first in our two-part online review of Aperture, focuses on the design goals behind Apple’s new photo management software, and some of the hotly debated features of the new program. As this article was getting readied to run on, we received an invitation from Apple to get a hands-on look at an update to Aperture, already in beta, and designed to address some of the concerns raised by early adopters. Part 2 will run next week on

Dec 15, 2005

The history of Photoshop

The next time you fire up your copy of Photoshop, spare a thought for the scores of developers and the reams of code that have gone into making it…

Source: computer arts

While you won’t find it printed on any calendar, 2005 marks a quiet anniversary for the program that you, and many other graphic designers, probably use the most. It was 15 years ago in February that Adobe shipped version 1.0 of Photoshop – still its most popular (and lucrative) application, and possibly the only bit of software to have spawned its own verb form.

Dec 15, 2005

Adobe Macromedia looks to trim workforce

Source: Yahoo News UK
Written By Jeremy Kirk

Adobe plans to reduce part of its workforce following its acquisition of Macromedia, saying other employees may be offered relocation packages.