Oct 25, 2005

The Pixel Mafia 2005 Dinner

For the last three years, the Pixel Mafia has held an exclusive, invite-only dinner during PhotoPlus Expo. What is the Pixel Mafia? Well, if you have to ask, you really don’t want to know… Omertá, ya know?

This year, the Pixel Mafia Dinner was held on Friday, October 21st at Zoe Restaurant in SoHo. The guests were comprised of the “Usual Suspects” as well as some new blood.

The “Administration” (the Godfather, Consigliere and the Crew) joined other members of the “Family” and the new “Buttons” for high level vino and gabagool…

This year we topped 50 again…two tables of 26+.

Some of the “Vino”…

Dinner started, uh, a bit late (as usual) but allowed people to visit other parties before arriving.

Lot’s of talk about “this thing of ours”.

Sometimes with heat…

Seth & Jamie…

Other “couples”?

Stevie J goes u’pazzu…

And clears the air…

While Dano looks, uh, like a “Mustache Pete”.

Consigliere Greg toasts the newlyweds…

The Family does as well…

The newly weds, Martino & Camilla

Then Greg toasts the Family…

Cugine Gregory

Marc P lookin’ cool.

Tiny Elvis, Martino and Margot

Newly engaged, JP & Ardie

Big Jay and Suzanne

Big Jay french kissing the lens…

Consigliere Greg grabs Little James to head off a clip…

Goomba Chris and Suzanne

Addy and Dan from the Westcoast Family.

Little Gregory, lookin’ worried about getting “made”.

The gang winding down…

Consigliere Greg & Jim worry about the “vig”…

Greg and master vino maker

Marc P & his Lens Baby

Stevie tries to hide from the man…

The Consigliere and the Godfather…

15 Responses to “The Pixel Mafia 2005 Dinner”

  1. mel hill Says:

    is the “jim” with Greg the guy from Wine Spectator Jim Laube?

  2. Jason Smith Says:

    I was wondering if it might be Jim Nachtwey?

  3. PSN Editorial Staff Says:

    Both are correct as both were there…Nachtwey sat on one side of Greg and Laube sat on the other side. Now, the question is, who is the wine maker next to Greg in the 4th to the last photo?


  4. mel hill Says:

    I’ll check my wine-maker trading cards when I get home tonight! :)
    How about the wine list from the dinner?
    Any chance you served Jim the 2001 Montelena Estate?
    (he rated it 69 points, WTF????)


  5. Andrew Rodney Says:

    Yes. That is the main man from wine Spectator. The other wine guy (can’t recall his name) is the main man a Pride (which we drank a lot of).

  6. Andrew Rodney Says:

    OK, it’s Bob Foley the winemaker at Pride.

  7. mel hill Says:

    Cool! Bob makes some killer juice!
    Although, we did had a corked 99 Pride Cab on Monday night :(

    here’s what we drank:
    1996 Drappier Grand Sendree – a lovely wine that is a bit rounder and fleshier than your typical 96. Nice. 93+ pts.

    1990 Henri Abele Soirees Parisiennes – also a nice sparkler that was drinking better than I remember it. 92 pts.

    Flight One – Chardonnays

    2002 Leeuwin Artist Series – Pale yellow color. Lovely nose of ripe yellow fruit. Nice rich fruit on the palate with firm acidity. 92pts.

    2002 Newton Unfiltered – Pale yellow color. Perfumed white flower aroma. Rich butterscotch tight yellow fruit on a slightly tight frame. A bit hot for me. 91 pts.

    2001 Aubert Quarry – Medium yellow. Huge rich mineral aroma. Big rich yellow fruit with lemon custard on the plate. Nice long round finish. My and group’s WOTF, a few votes for WOTN. 94 pts.

    1998 Kister Dutton Ranch – Full yellow color. Full big yellow fruit aroma. Tighish yellow fruit with some spiciness to it. Showing a bit more complexity with the age, but still drinking young. 92 pts.

    Flight Two – Pinots

    2002 Kistler Kistler Vineyard (Russian River) – Full red color. Big forward candied ripe red fruit. Lovely rich ripe black cherry and cassis with zingy acidity. Drinking a bit better than the last time I had it, but still way young. My WOTF, 93+ pts.

    2002 Sine Qua Non Hollerin’ M (Shea vineyard in Wilamette) – Bright pink red color. Nice strawberry spicy red aroma. Nice briary red fruit with some earthy spiciness. Showing better than I remember from the SQN tasting, but still just a ‘very good’ Oregon pinot. 92 pts.

    2001 Shea Wine Cellars Shea Vineyard Homer Cuvee – Full deep red. Bright zingy cherry aroma with some spiciness. Really tight black cherry and stoney fruit. Long, slightly bitter finish. Like most Oregon pinots, I would prefer this one with a few more years of age. 91 pts.

    Flight 3 – Thackery Orions (syrah dominated field blends)

    1997 Sean Thackery Orion – Full black red. Full rich spicy black fruit aroma. Big tightish canned black fruit on the palate. Tight spicy and acidic. 92+ pts

    1998 Sean Thackery Orion – Full deep black. Lovely bright rich black raspberry and fresh ‘buds’ aroma with hints of black pepper and spice. Lovely big black fruit on the palate with rich coffee notes. My WOTF and several mentions for WOTN, 94 pts.

    2000 Sean Thackery Orion – Full deep black color. Forward integrated black fruit and plum aroma. Rich chocolate black fruit with a sweet note on the palate. 93+ pts.

    Flight 4 – Shiraz/Grenache

    1999 Rockford Basket Press Shiraz – Full black red color. Forward bright spicy black fruit aroma. Lovley rich black fruit. Round and balanced – even elegant. Not your typical barossa fruit bomb at all, excellent with the food. 93-94 pts.

    1999 Greenock Creek Shiraz Roennfeldt Road – Deep black purple opaque. Towering sweet chocolate black fruit aroma – a knockout. Slightly muted (after the aroma) black balc fruit on the palate. Again, not as overripe as I expected and also a nice match with the food. This was easily the best nose of the night and personally the most interesting wine for me. Several votes for WOTN. 94 pts.

    2000 Sine Qua Non Incognito (mostly grenache) – Deep black red. Rich tight acidic black fruit cassis aroma. Rich deep black cherry cassis and coffee liqueur fruit. Finishes forever. Another wonderful Manfred wine in one of the varietals he does best. My WOTF and WOTN (by a nose) 94+ pts.

    Flight four – Cabernets (overall a surprisingly disappointing flight for what they were, especially after all the wonderful syrahs)

    1997 Bedell Cupola Cabernet (Long Island) – Full red black color. Full nice deep aroma. Somewhat austere green black fruit on the palate. OK, but nothing special. 88 pts.

    1999 Pride Cabernet – Corked!

    2000 Araujo Eisle Cabernet – Full red coffee color. Muted aroma of black fruit. Nice round black fruit but slightly bitter and nothing really special for what it was. I have liked other bottles of the 2000 much more and, although we didn’t talk about it at the time, I suspect this wasn’t a pristine example.

    2001 Ramey Diamond Mountain – Full opaque black/purple. Rich aroma of briary red/black fruit. Tight black fruit with some firm tannins. 91-92 pts.

    2002 Grace Family Cabernet – Full black purple. Rich bright sharp black current cedar nose. Full black tannic fruit. Somewhat rich but quite tannic, not as forward as many other 02s from Napa. Probably needs a good 8-10 years to shine. 92 pts.

    Flight six – Zinfandels

    2001 Martinelli Jackass Hill Vineyard – Full red. Wild aroma of spicy perfumed white grapefuit (???!) Weird canned red fruit on a firm acidic frame. This was so unusual, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Not the big ripe in your face California Zin I’m used to.

    2002 Turley Pesenti Vineyard – Full red color. Unusual red canned fruit with zingy acidic aroma. Nice rich spicy red fruit with a tight chocolate finish. Certainly a more typical example of zin… 92 pts.

  8. PSN Editorial Staff Says:

    Name dropper….we’ll try to post the PM prty wine & food menu…

  9. Andrew Rodney Says:

    We started with a lovely 05 Tunderbird. After that it was a vintage Charles Shaw we shipped in from Trader Joes. I can’t recall the next wine but it had a strawberry flavor. Boonsfarm perhaps? My favorite (and Laube’s as well) had to be the Manischewitz! What a finish!

  10. Mathias Vejerslev Says:

    But where´s Ian Lyons, and what did he drink?

  11. Andrew Rodney Says:

    –>But where´s Ian Lyons, and what did he drink?

    He’s there. And he’s either drinking tea or water with gas…

  12. Mathias Vejerslev Says:

    I see him now! Looks like very fine water. I trust a good time were had by all!

  13. mel hill Says:

    So what kind of rating did that water get?
    if it was above 95 send me a case!

  14. Ian Lyons Says:

    >He’s there. And he’s either drinking tea or water with gas…

    That’s about my limit ;-)

    >if it was above 95 send me a case!

    about 94 – not enough gas!

  15. Ammar Midani Says: seesm like somebody is going to be missed after this once upon a time in soho..

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