Oct 7, 2005

GretagMacbeth prepping new Eye-One software, hardware

Source: Rob Galbraith

GretagMacbeth is readying both a new release of Eye-One Match software as well as new hardware for inclusion in certain Eye-One colour management packages.

Eye-One Match v3.3

GretagMacbeth has informed its network of dealers that Eye-One Match v3.3 is slated to ship later this week. The new version adds a simple profile editing module to the Mac and Windows software that’s included with all Eye-One systems. The release of this version will fulfill a promise GretagMacbeth made late last year to weave a profile editor into the software.

Eye-One Match v3.3 is scheduled to be posted for download on the GretagMacbeth web site on October 6, 2005. The profile editing module should automatically be enabled in the new version for anyone who purchased Eye-One Photo, Eye-One Proof or Eye-One XT after mid-December 2004. It will be available as an extra-cost upgrade for owners of an older Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer as well, though this may not coincide with the software’s release.

(Editor’s Note: the Eye-One Match v3.3 update is currently available for download)

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