Oct 5, 2005

Autodesk announces buyout of Alias

Source: ars technica
Written By Jeremy Reimer

Autodesk, the company that develops the industry standard drafting package AutoCAD and the 3D modeling application 3D Studio Max, has announced that it is purchasing Alias, makers of the popular 3D modeling program Maya, in a cash transaction worth US$182 million.

Autodesk, founded in 1982, originally developed 3D Studio as a companion program for its popular AutoCAD software. The company purchased Montreal, Quebec-based Discreet, makers of a 3D program called MAX, in 1999. The two products combined to become 3D Studio Max, a Windows-only 3D graphics package that became incredibly popular in the game development industry. While the popularity of 3D Studio Max has waned in recent years, many game development studios still use the program today.

Alias Research was formed in 1983 in Toronto, Ontario. Their StudioTools software is used by nearly every major automobile manufacturer in the world. However, the company has recently been known mostly for its 3D software package Maya, which has been used in hundreds of motion picture and television projects. In recent years Maya has become almost synonymous with 3D graphics. Maya is available on many platforms, including Windows, OSX, Solaris and Linux.

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