Aug 22, 2005

Corel Hopes to Entice FreeHand Users

The developer of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite offers lower pricing, but may find the design community reluctant to switch from established tools.

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Written By Nettie Hartsock

Corel is aiming to snag FreeHand users who are still in the dark when it comes to the future of the popular Macromedia illustration tool.

In an exclusive to, we caught up with Nick Davies, general manager of Graphics Products for Corel Corp. of Ottawa, Canada, to find out what the company is doing to compete in the graphics space during this period of transition.

Davies said that this week Corel is rolling out a limited-time offer for FreeHand users in an effort to garner a piece of the moving market share amid Adobe’s buyout of Macromedia.

“We’re looking at the market consolidation in the graphics space, and the concern from users that Adobe is becoming a bit of a monopolist in the space. Corel wants users to understand that we have some very strong alternatives whether the market is ultimately more consolidated or not,” Davies said.

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