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Aug 20, 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One

By Deke McClelland
If you work with Adobe Photoshop, you’ve already tasted how powerful a graphics tool it can be. Universally recognized as the standard for image editing and production, Photoshop is used by close to 20 million people worldwide. But how many can say they’ve fully tapped its vast functionality?

Whether you’re a first-timer looking to learn Photoshop, or a seasoned Photoshopper interested in the cool new features of CS2, Deke McClelland’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 One on One will have you completing rewarding projects in no time at all.

Aug 20, 2005

Canon 350D and Camera Raw 3.1 Issue – UPDATED

A post on the Adobe hosted Camera Raw User to User forums stated that a camera owner who sent his camera in to Canon for repair was unable to use Camera Raw 3.1 on the camera after receiving the repaired camera back. (read original thread)

Upon return, it was determined that the camera’s firmware had been updated to version 1.0.2. According to Thomas Knoll, the firmware update changed the internal name of the camera stored in the EXIF metadata from ‘Canon EOS 350D Digital’ to ‘Canon EOS 350D’ thus disabling Camera Raw’s ability to recognize the camera model type.

Aug 20, 2005

Greg Gorman’s Digital Workshop in Mendocino, CA

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After 30 years of taking photographs with various medium format analog cameras, Greg Gorman has now fully transitioned his photo studio into the world of digital photography. Greg has now decided to share his knowledge of digital photography in a more intimate setting by conducting quarterly workshops.