Aug 18, 2005

Out of Gamut: Color-Correct Vocabulary

Color guru Bruce Fraser unrolls the glossary of color terminology.

Written By Bruce Fraser

For some time now I’ve been explicating the finer points of color management in this column, and while I’ve strived to define terminology when needed, the conviction that a permanent, at-your-ready glossary would help tremendously has grown each and every month.

In this column, we’re introducing just that — a glossary of key terms that every student (and master) of color-management should understand.

Feel free to read, bookmark, save, print (use the print-friendly format), and otherwise consume the glossary now to your heart’s content (without violating the copyright, of course), but don’t fear: We’ll be adding this glossary as a permanent feature of, and linking it to from future Out of Gamut columns. We’ll also be adding to the glossary now and then as needed.


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