Aug 15, 2005

PhotoshopNews inside of Adobe Bridge

In cooperation with PixelGenius, PhotoshopNews is pleased to announce the availability of a new Adobe Bridge script to put inside of Bridge. Yes, right inside of Bridge!

The script, with installers for both Mac and Windows, will correctly install as a Favorite in Bridge and allow you to navigate to PhotoshopNews inside of Bridge.

Useful if you wish to keep track of Photoshop news & updates or trouble shoot Photoshop “Issues” while you have a little free time like when running a long Photoshop Batch operation in the background.

You can browse the actual PSN web site and view all the stories right inside of Bridge without using a web browser or RSS news reader.


Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

PSN is listed as a Favorite and you can view all the PhotoshopNews content inside of Bridge.

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

Clicking on a story title will navigate to the story page view such as the story on new Dr. Brown tutorials and scripts.

There’s even a Search function directly in the Favorites panel to allow you to search for specific information.

Clicking on Search will allow you to enter in phrases or in this case, a name–John Nack (Senior Product Manager of Photoshop) and find the results in PhotoshopNews.

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

Here’s a result of the search, a PSN story with an interview with John Nack.

But wait, there’s more!

The script also installs a drop down menu in Bridge Help to navigate directly to all of the Photoshop related story categories on PhotoshopNews.

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

Here’s the result for the Photoshop “Issues” editorial category.

Of course, you can also just navigate inside of the normal web site such as clicking on the PSN Top Stories category.

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

Here’s the result for the PSN Top Stories editorial category.

All of the editorial and photos are available inside of Bridge. You can even view the PSN Top Story A Visit to Adobe inside of Bridge…somehow, we find that particularly fitting.

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

There are a couple of caveats however. This really only works optimally when you have high-speed broadband internet connections. If you are on dial-up, you really don’t want to get bogged down viewing PhotoshopNews on a slow net connection. For those users, we would suggest using an RSS News Reader to check up on PSN.

The other slightly odd viewing experience is that if you click on an external link in one of the PSN Stories, you will naviagate to that web site with no problem, but there’s no “Back Button” in Bridge to take you back to the previous web site. However, you can always get back to PSN via the Favorites button. For the “Links” column in PSN, most of the links will launch inside a separate web browser.

In combination with PixelGenius engineering, Mike Skurski teamed up with JavaScript maven Tom Fors (he’s the fellow who scripted the ACR-Calibrator script) to bring this new script to PhotoshopNews readers for free. This was one of the things PG cooked up during our PixelGenius meeting in early July. To see the report, check out the story: PixelGenius Meeting Report

For those of you who may wonder, yes, we ran this concept by Adobe and the Photoshop/Bridge Team. This is what John Nack had to say: “I hadn’t gotten to try out the installer until now, but I just did and it’s pretty sweet! It successfully installed the link in Bridge, and I was able to search the site (for my own name, naturally).”

We have both Mac and Windows installers that will correctly install all of the required components inside of Bridge. Note, Bridge must not be running when you install the scripts. Additionally, for the Mac installer, there is an uninstaller that will remove everything and leave Bridge in its default condition. For Windows, you just need to run the software uninstall routine.

The PSN Mac installer download is a .dmg file while the PSN Windows installer is a .zip file. You will need to decompress and decode the zip download file using a utility such as StuffIt or WinZip. The PSN script was designed and tested with Adobe Bridge version 1.02. While it may work with 1.00 and 1.01, we would highly suggest downloading and installing the most recent Bridge 1.02 version. To download the most recent version, check this PSN story Adobe Bridge Update 1.02 posted.

This is the PSN Mac Script installer.
Click HERE to download the installer for Mac.

This is the PSN Windows Script installer.
Click HERE to download the installer for Windows.

For those of you on slow net connections, you can add PhotoshopNews RSS news feeds directly in the Suite version of Adobe Bridge and read the feeds in Bridge Center. Check this PSN story for instruction: Adding PhotoshopNews RSS to Bridge Center

PhotoshopNews hopes you’ll find this new method of reading PSN useful (and even a little bit fun). Let us know what you think. In the near future, PhotoshopNews and PixelGenius will be announcing additional productivity scripts for both Bridge and Photoshop CS2, so stay tuned…inside of Bridge!


5 Responses to “PhotoshopNews inside of Adobe Bridge”

  1. Sam Swett Says:

    Hey, it works! (Bridge 1.00, OS X 10.4) Good job guys.

    Suggestion: make the Mac installer a zip file since 10.4 doesn’t come with Stuffit Expander. ;-)

  2. PSN Editorial Staff Says:

    Done, the Mac download is now a .dmg file. It is small enough that compression isn’t much of a deal. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. James Says:

    Can’t get it to install on my system,(10.4.2 & 1.02). The insaller says it installed correctly but nothing is installed. ??

  4. PSN Editorial Staff Says:

    Assuming that your Photoshop CS2 & Bridge are properly installed in their default locations inside of the main ‘Applications’ folder, and you followed the instructions in the read me:
    “You must install using an account with Administrator privileges.

    Double click on the Installer. The installer will remind you to quit Adobe Bridge if it is running. The installer will automatically determine the installed location of Adobe Bridge. After installing, launch Adobe Bridge.”

    It’s critical to be sure Bridge isn’t running when you install the script.

    You can try running the installer in the uninstall mode, then re-run the installer making sure Bridge isn’t running.

    Additionally, if you need to reset Bridge’s preferences, hold down command/option/shift when double clicking the Bridge icon and select Reset Preferences. This should be required unless your preferences some how got corrupted. When resetting the preferences, be sure to go back into your preferences and set them up the way you want them.

  5. Says:

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