Aug 5, 2005

Self-Portrait from space

Image Credit: NASA

From NASA’s IMAGE OF THE DAY GALLERY comes this shot. Astronaut Steve Robinson turns the camera on himself during his historic repair job “underneath” Discovery on August 3. The Shuttle’s heat shield, where Robinson removed a pair of protruding gap fillers, is reflected in his visor.

Link to High Resolution version of the image

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Titled: A Matter of Perception

Image Credit: NASA

This is today’s image.
A close-up view of a portion of Space Shuttle Discovery’s underside is featured in this image photographed by Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, STS-114 mission specialist, during the mission’s third session of extravehicular activities. Robinson’s shadow is visible on the thermal protection tiles.

Link to High Resolution version of the image
(3.4MB jpg)

Required Photoshop content? The images were prepared using Adobe Photoshop CS, Windows version (I guess NASA hasn’t gotten around to updating to CS2). Also, I can’t quite identify the camera used in the self-portrait image, but it looks like a Nikon lens. Presumably the shot was a digital capture–unless NASA has a film lab that delivers in space. But there is no EXIF metadata in the File Info, only the File Properties from Photoshop CS.

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