Aug 3, 2005

Civic Leaders Think City Has Too Much Art

Source: Wired News
Written By Garance Burke-Associated Press Writer

CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, Calif. (AP) — The artists discovered this village in the early 1900s and put up wooden cottages where they could paint the shoreline and the coastal pines. Then the art dealers arrived, with their silky scarves, their flute-filled soundtracks and their airy galleries.

Now, some civic leaders say, Carmel-by-the-Sea has a problem many communities probably did not even know existed: too much art.

Galleries selling everything from Impressionist landscapes to butterfly-shaped baubles and cartoon dog portraits account for one of every three businesses along Carmel’s stone walkways. In all, 105 stores sell art in this town of about 4,100 residents. For a while, the city was approving a new gallery every week.

“People are upset. They can’t go to a movie theater. They can’t buy socks in this town,” said Ross Arnold, owner of the Carmel Drug Store, the only shop of its kind. “You walk down the street and it’s gallery, gallery, jewelry store, gallery, gallery.”

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