Aug 2, 2005

Behind the CPUs


Source: RED NOVA

Apple’s decision to move to Intel for its processor needs brings up many questions. But many people are simply wondering why: What do Intel’s x86 CPUs offer that IBM’s PowerPC chips don’t?

Steve Jobs mentioned low power consumption, or “performance per watt,” as the chief difference. Compared with IBM’s chips. Intel’s use less energy and run cooler-handy characteristics for a CPU that’s wedged within the confines of a laptop.

The Wintel world is cluttered with far more products than the Mac universe, and Intel offers a bewilderingly large array of CPUs that vary in cache size, speed, and features. So here’s a rundown on some of Intel’s bigger-name processors (but keep in mind that you can expect the chip maker to have some newer processors available by the time Apple starts using its chips).

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