Aug 1, 2005

Seetha’s Fan Club

Even before the premier of my photo essay, A Visit to Adobe a couple of weeks ago, it seems Seetha, or more accurately, Seetharaman Narayanan had a fan club.

Back in December of 2004, on CONCEPTART.ORG, messages were posted about Seetha’s name.

Jetpack42 said: “Every time I open up photoshop I am mezmorized by this guy’s name. It’s all I can look at. Don’t know why…”

The original thread started on December 10th, 2004 and continued until December 25th when it fell silent. However, on July 28th, 2005 it picked up again. It seems poster Yiako had found my picture of Seetha and posted it in the dormant thread.

This image prompted a variety of responses.

MoP said: “I think he was credited as “Seetha Narayanan” in Photoshop 6, although it was Seetharaman in PS 4. Maybe they thought his name was taking up an unfair amount of room?

Evidently he didn’t like that very much, because it’s back at Seetharaman now. It’s also the name that sticks most in my head… although Thomas Knoll and Marc Pawliger are also in there.

Who’s Mark Hamburg? I’m sure that name’s been on the startup of PS before, but I don’t see him on CS2…”

Then dfacto posted an altered version. dfacto said: “Silly Yiako, you can’t cover up the truth with your silly photoshop.

Here’s the version he didn’t want you to see:”

Titled Seetharaman is god

Not to be out done, Okelvin went further.

Okelvin’s caption: “It has been said that Seetharaman Narayanan has evolved to the point where he is more Lens Flare than man. He can bevel and emboss through the power of sheer thought. I heard one time he was walking down the street and some gang tried to mug him and he Unsharp Masked his hand and karate chopped one of the thugs in half, and then one of the other thugs attacked him and he Pinched that guy’s head so hard it exploded and then after he Plastic Wrapped the rest of the thugs he disappeared in a burst of Difference Clouds.”

The thread continues…

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20 Responses to “Seetha’s Fan Club”

  1. Pierre Courtejoie Says:

    Having Seetharaman Narayanan’s name in mind all day long has been officially recognized as a symptom of Photoshop addiction in this thread:

  2. Dougles Says:

    Hi Vanakkam. this is duggy from duman i am working as a graphic designer. Mr. Seetharaman i am your big fan. i really proud of u. 1 indian is in photoshop team thats a great thin. hope you will reply me. take care
    Love Regards
    Dougles Leon
    (Graphic Designer)
    Parfums Nabeel.

  3. retoid Says:

    Wow, this is funny. I belong to a forum that started the same way as concept art did, but more recently, we tried to invite Seetha but had no luck hehe.

    Seetha you are a popular guy.

  4. E Vaz Says:

    Seetha, You look like my school time friend from Madras. Youv’e got a good thing goin on these forums!.lol! was a good read. Cheers! V

  5. Lee Says:

    HAHA! I thought I was the only one. I remember not being able to sleep, not long ago, because I had “Seetharaman Narayanan, Seetharaman Narayanan” just looping in my head like a catchy pop song. It was driving me mental. I think it’s a symptom of spending too long in Photoshop just before sleeping. I’m so glad I’m not alone!! :)

  6. kannan Says:


    I am a creative executive working for an cosmetics mnc in gurgaon. Beyond culture religion etc etc your working as part of adobe development team is a message for young blood. i am proud of ur development in adobe.


  7. greenighs Says:

    Seetharaman Narayanan is my creative mantra. I’m so happy to see others are as fascinated by the name and the brilliant person behind it!

  8. raju Says:

    Seetharaman Narayanan,whenever i open PS i used to there is an INDIAN is one among the crew of PS

  9. raju Says:

    Seetharaman Narayanan,whenever i open PS i used to think , there is an INDIAN is one among the crew of PS .

  10. Kamalakannan.k Says:

    I am a Creative Incharge working for a international resturant, in chennai, when i was learing the photoshop, i saw the name of Seetha, that time i was thinging the name is a female, but when i see the site (this site) the name is a male. gerat of tamilnadu. the god of our Creative Depatment. if know any body history of seetharaman, please mail me. my id,

    thank you Seetha raman.

  11. hanuwant singh Says:

    damn, firstly i never thought there will be so many people fascinated by the seetharaman narayan, i today after so many years, just typed his name to who is the indian lady(as i thought so). and i was amazed to see that there are so many who think the same. I dont know. There is something to do with the name. It is so catchy. Secondly, i was very proud of the single indian in the team. I was happy again when his name came 2nd in the list.

  12. deni Says:

    god bless u for giving me a reason to live. seetha your my hero…

  13. C. R. Raghunath Says:

    Dear Hero,
    I’ve written a book on advertising in Malayalam. I would like to write an article about You in a leading publication of Kerala. Pls. send me the possibe information Please.


  14. raghav prashant Says:

    raghav here from the Anna University..Dept of printing technology…seetha sir..i am the dept’s quizmaster and i recently had to honour of askin a question about you in a quiz i conducted…
    the audience roared when i flashed the startup screen of PS to show them the answer..:-)

  15. Gamini jayawardana Says:

    U are a great person never seen.I wish to meet u.Im asri lankan teacher who teachs computer(IT) to students in galle,srilanka.thanks

  16. Ariel Says:

    No puedo creer que tengamos este gran suceso entre nosotros.
    Ud guia mis pasos en el delicado mundo del fotomontaje…
    Dios lo bendiga-

  17. Premkumar Balasubramanian Says:

    Hi Seetha,
    I’ve also become your fan after going through all the threads in this site. I have not been using photoshop so far and hence your name does not mezmerize me, however you have always, as we have been seeing you since our childhood.

    From Kumar.

  18. Oswaldo Says:

    I’ve been working on Photoshop for several years and in several versions, and always I’ve been wondering who Seetharaman is, very far from imagine that there are so many people thinking the same. You must be agree with me that there must be a wher we can know more about him!

  19. manixmanickam Says:

    Seetha (FAST MOTION SEETHA). Memory takes me back to days at RECT. Conf=gratulations. Get in touch when time permits.
    Manickam Manickam

  20. anant Says:

    Being an Indian, I didn’t find Seetharam Narayanan unusual,
    but it was later that i found out that it was actually Seetharaman, not Seetharam.
    I have to admit that it is the first name that catches my eye when I start PS.
    You’re lucky to get shot fame just by ur name!

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