Jun 2, 2005

$5,000 photo challenge

Source: DIGIT

Photographers love their toys. But new lenses, PowerBooks, and image editors don’t come cheap. We gave a pro photographer a $5,000 budget to see how he’d kit himself out.

Photography is an expensive business, and it’s not always easy to decide what printers, lenses, and other peripherals you really need. To help you decide, we asked Derrick Story, a professional digital photographer, to show us how he would outfit himself if given $5,000 (around £2,750).

Derrick began with a $5,000 budget and a 17-inch iMac with a 1.6GHz G5 processor, a Combo drive, 256MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and the iMac’s bundled software. We gave him the option of selling the iMac for the going rate and adding the profits to the budget. Because buying just one pro-level camera could blow the entire budget, we assumed that our photographer already owned his camera.

Even if your photo budget is nowhere near $5,000, there’s still a lot to learn from these expert choices. Although a portable media viewer or a second printer may not be a priority right now, smart, smaller purchases can keep you snapping happily for years to come.

The poor professional
Here’s how Derrick Story spent his budget…

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