May 24, 2005

Apply Camera Raw Settings doesnt save my settings

Source: Adobe Bridge User to User Forum (Mac)

User Thomas Bricker posted an issue with Camera Raw settings not being applied to the Bridge settings when opening Raw images with Camera Raw hosted by Adobe Bridge.

“I’m trying to use the Apply Camera Raw Settings function in Bridge. I create my custom settings but it isnt until I quit and restart Bridge that the settings show up in the Edit menu.
Very tedious.
Certainly this isnt the way this is supposed to work.
Why doesnt the menu update as I add settings.”

Ian Lyons, one of the User to User Forum hosts responded:
“It should and does show up in the Edit>Camera Raw Settings menu as soon as you close Camera Raw and return to Bridge, but ONLY if Camera Raw is hosted by Bridge.

If by any chance are you’re opening the raw image into Camera Raw using any method that actually results in CR being hosted by Photoshop rather than Bridge then the settings will not immediately be written to Bridge. Typically this happens if you open raw images into Camera Raw using: double-click on image, Ctrl+Return, Cmd+Return or Cmd+O. To open raw images into a Bridge hosted version of CR you need to use: the File or Context menu options for Open in Camera Raw or Cmd+R. Alternatively, you can set the Bridge preferences for double-click behavior so that it opens CR into Bridge.”

Steve Guilhamet from Bridge Q&E clarified the point Ian said:
“One point of clarification, you shouldn’t need to click the Done button for these settings to appear in either the Edit> Apply Camera Raw Settings> or in the contextual menu. If you save the settings from Bridge hosted ACR they should appear after saving with a Cancel click as well.

If, for what ever reason, you do find yourself saving custom settings from PSCS2 hosted ACR and returning to Bridge, simply invoking Bridge hosted ACR and canceling should be enough for those settings to load into Bridge UI. There is a current limitation that Bridge UI has no way of knowing that new settings have been saved from ACR hosted in PSCS2. Bringing up ACR in Bridge allows the UI to refresh and is much less severe than a full Bridge restart. ”

See the original thread.

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