May 19, 2005

Leaf Aptus 22 – First Look

By Michael Reichmann
Luminious Landscape

Amplis Photo
is the Canadian distributor for a number of professional photographic products, including Hasselblad and Creo-Leaf. In early May, 2005, thanks to Amplis, I had an opportunity to spend several hours examining a pre-production Aptus 22 in the company of Ilan Carmi, Leaf’s Product Marketing Manager from Israel.

The Aptus, which I am told will ship before the end of May in mounts for Hasselblad H and V models as well as the Mamiya 645, and the Contax 645 about a month later, comes in 17 and 22 Megapixel versions. While the model that I had a chance to examine (though in a limited environment), did not have its final firmware, and therefore several functions were not fully operational, in most respects the back was just about ready for prime time and so worthy of a first look.

And worthy it appears to be. First shown last fall, and originally scheduled for February shipment, though several months late the wait appears to be have been really worthwhile.

Here are the basics…

– Almost full-frame 645 format 22 Megapixel back for all major medium format brands

– Each back is specific to a given camera model

– Huge 6x7cm touch screen

– Completely self-contained with CF card and battery onboard

– Optional 20GB Digital Magazine

For more nitty-gritty specs and PR material, check out the Creo Leaf web pages.

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