May 19, 2005

Adding PhotoshopNews RSS to Bridge Center

If you have the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Edition, you can add RSS newsfeeds directly in the Adobe Bridge Center and read news stories right in Bridge. Note, this will ONLY work in the full Suite version, not the individual application versions of Bridge.

In the Favorites pane of the Suite Bridge is an item called Bridge Center. Think of it as the nerve center of the Bridge application itself.





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When you click on the Bridge Center, you’ll see the full array options available including subscribing to RSS newsfeeds.

You can read headlines and quick summaries of news stories. By default, Bridge Center is already subscribed to several Adobe news feeds.

To add an RSS newsfeed, click on the + button on the RSS Reader panel.

You will be prompted by a dialog to enter in the RSS newsfeed URL.

Enter in the exact url. For newsfeeds, the url is:
(you can copy and paste this text to/from your clipboard)

Click on image to see larger sized image in a new window.
You’ll see the new newsfeed show in your list of subscribed feeds.

Click the arrow to see more of the story. If you click on the More… you’ll be able to go directly to the story on the web site.

Obviously, all of the above presupposes that you have an active connection to the Internet.

To find out more information about RSS newsfeeds, check this page: RSS/Atom Syndication.

Some web sites that allow you to search for various RSS newsfeeds are:

Syndic8 is (mainly) a directory of RSS feeds, over 25,000 of them.

News Is Free is an online news aggregator and a directory of RSS feeds, over 5,000 of them.

BlogStreet’s RSS Directory BlogStreet contains a number of blog-related tools.

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