May 11, 2005

Phase One Releases Capture One V3.7 Does NOT Decrypt Nikon D2X White Balance

Phase One has released Capture One 3.7 with new features and increased stability according to their web site.

However, on a separate page, Phase One makes a statement regarding Nikon D2X white balance support.

Capture One does not support the Nikon D2X white balances, due to the encrypted white balance format recently introduced by Nikon Corporation. We have emulated all the white balance presets so that your images will look very similar to the original Nikon D2X white balance presets. If you have shot your images using auto white balance, Capture One will automatically perform an auto white balance one your images when they are opened for the first time. If you have shot your images with a custom white balance, you will have to adjust the white balance manually in Capture One.

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